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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Where is the Library

How to get to the Library in Fire Emblem

by Kyle Hanson


Fire Emblem: Three Houses lets you spend a lot of time exploring the massive Monastery that kicks off the sprawling story that follows. While here you have tons of quests that send you to all corners of the area, but the game often does a poor job of telling you exactly where you need to go. One of these pops up in Chapter 2 when you are tasked with finding the library within the Monastery’s walls. If you haven’t been exploring every nook and cranny of the area then this can trip you up, so here’s the answer to where is the library in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Where is the Library

The answer is pretty close to the same as where are the Captain’s Quarters actually. Both of these locations become significant to the player later on in your adventure, but don’t come up early so you might miss them completely. Both are found upstairs, on the second floor of the Monastery. To get there just head to the Reception Hall and further north. As you get close to it, you should see a stair icon appear on your minimap. Follow that and head up to the second floor to find both of these key locations.

The Library itself is along the side hallway. To get here simply turn right to go down the small corridor in the middle of the floor. Walk all the way down and take a right at the end. Follow this path and you’ll find the Library on your left toward the middle of the walkway. This area has a lot of quests that pertain to it and can be used to boost some stats, so you’ll want to remember how to get here. But that should be easy to do now that you know the answer to where is the Library in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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