FNAF Security Breach Endings Guide: How to Get All 6 Endings

Survive and unlock all 6 endings.

by Noah Nelson


Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is Night at the Museum gone wrong. Whether you’re a new fan or you’re returning, FNAF Security Breach is a successful departure from the series that still brings its charm and lore. In this game, there are 6 endings to discover and we will cover them all.

Whether you’re looking for all the endings or just need to figure out how to decommission Chica, check out all of our FNAF guides. Without further adieu, here are all 6 endings in FNAF Security Breach.

FNAF Security Breach All 6 Endings

There are 6 endings in FNAF Security Breach. They are Bad, Good, True, Unmasked, Destruction, and Hero. FNAF is no stranger to multiple endings, and this entry is no different. The first three are relatively easy to get, but the last three take some more work.

FNAF Security Breach Bad Ending

In order to achieve the Bad ending, you will need to escape the Pizzaplex at 06:00 with one star. Freddy Fazbear stays behind as Gregory escapes and runs as far away as he can. You’ll know this ending by the image of Gregory sleeping in a cardboard box with a newspaper as a shadow of Vanny looms over.

FNAF Security Breach Good Ending

For the Good ending, you will need security level 7 clearance and two stars. What you will need to do is choose to stay after surviving until 06:00. From there, proceed through the exit to the Docks. Keep moving through the door with the green exit sign and you’ll have done it. In this ending, you’ll escape with Freddy while escaping Vanny.

FNAF Security Breach True Ending

Arguably the best ending in FNAF Security Breach, to get the True ending you’ll need two stars. You’ll square off in a mini-boss battle against Springtrap. To access it, travel down the Old Elevator.


FNAF Security Breach Unmasked Ending

The Unmasked ending needs two stars and requires you to go to the Prize Counter after surviving until 06:00. Once that is done, go to the fire escape and select Leave. The result is Freddy and Vanny fighting and pushing each other off the roof. Then, Gregory unmasks Vanny to find Vanessa.

FNAF Security Breach Destruction Ending

The darkest ending in the game is the Destruction ending. To access it you’ll need to have two stars and complete the Fazer Blast minigame which reveals Vanny’s lair. Instead of selecting Exit, choose Vanny and you’ll get this ending. First, Freddy will be beaten to death by bots. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Gregory orders the bots to disassemble Vanny.

FNAF Security Breach Hero Ending

The Hero ending is the nicest ending in the game. You’ll need to complete all three Princess Quest arcade games and have a three-star rating. When you select to exit with all this done, you’ll get an ending where Vanessa, Gregory, and Freddy all escape the Pizzaplex together and enjoy the sunset.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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