Fortnite Feather Locations: How to Unlock Haven Masks

Grab all the Haven Masks

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Feather is the newly added items in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and can be used to unlock a wide variety of masks for Haven using Feathers. With the release of the v19.20 update, Epic Games has introduced a ton of masks for Haven along with new cosmetics, weapons and more. However, many players are confused about the latest Fortnite Feather item and how to use them to unlock the Haven Masks.

Fortnite Feather Locations: How to Unlock Haven Masks

​In order to unlock masks for Haven, you will need to have Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass and the Fortnite NPC already unlocked. Fortnite Feather is among the latest Fortnite item and the first step in unlocking all the different masks for Haven, one of this season’s Battle Pass skins which was unvaulted with the most recent v19.10 update. In order to unlock Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, players will need to collect a sufficient amount of Feathers and also need to perform a quest related to a certain type of mask.

You can find the Feathers in chests all around the island, meaning the more games you play, the more you can gather these new items. The new Feather item in Fortnite Chapter 3 can be considered as the currency for Haven’s Masks. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of Feathers you can move on to completing the challenges associated with each mask.

There are 30 different Haven masks, allowing you to customize Haven. The first mask dubbed the All-Seeing Cat can be unlocked for free when you claim the Haven skin from the Battle Pass. The Quest for each Haven mask along with their Feather cost is mentioned below:

Haven Mask Challenge Number of Feathers required
All-Seeing Cat Unlocked when you claim the Haven skin. 0
Autumn Stag Consume different types of foraged items 10
Elder Wolf Hunt Chickens 10
Hidden Scales Slide 300 meters 10
Frosty Scavenger Search Chests 10
Spring Owl Land on a tree after gliding 10
Dream Hopper Drive a car, a quadcrasher, and a boat 10
Friendly Klombo Ride on a Klombo for 10 seconds 10
Tropical Chirper Complete Daily Quests 10
Fire Hunter Claim Haven masks 10
Reanimated Cat Catch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish 15
Skelle Stag Gather foraged items at different Named Locations 15
Cuddle Wolf Hunt Boars 15
Hypno Scales Slide continuously for 8 seconds 15
Golden Scavenger Search Seven or IO Chests 15
Primal Owl Glide 1,000 meters 15
Frosty Hopper Air time while in a vehicle 15
Hungry Klombo Feed a Klombo with a Klomberry 15
Frosty Chirper Complete Daily Quests 15
Snow Hunter Claim Haven masks 15
Midnight Cat Catch a fish 20
Primal Stag Consume foraged items 20
Primal Wolf Hunt Wolves 20
Glowing Scales Deal damage to opponents while sliding 20
Midnight Scavenger Search Rare Chests 20
Tropical Owl Damage opponents within 10 seconds of gliding 20
All-Seeing Hopper Drive 5,000 meters in a vehicle 20
Grouchy Klombo Deal damage to Klombos 20
Primal Chirper Complete Daily Quests 20
Eclipse Hunter Claim Haven masks 20


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