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Fortnite Fortbyte #34 Location — Found Between a Fork and Knife

South of Salty Springs, north of Fatal Fields.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #34 has been added to the Fortnite Map.  The clue says that it can be found between a fork and a knife.  The area they are talking about, of course, is the Fork and Knife that are dug into the ground south of Salty Springs.  There are no other requirements to collecting Fortbyte #34 other than finding the Fork and Knife on the map.

The area with the Fork and Knife dug out of the ground has a tunnel between the two.  In this tunnel is where you’ll find Fortbyte #34.  THe tunnel connects on both the Fork and Knife side so you can drop in on either side and just head into the tunnel to collect the item.

Fortbyte #34 Fork Knife Map Location


During the course of Season 9 in Fortnite there will be 100 Fortbytes to unlock.  Some will be found in hidden locations on the map, like this one.  Others will be locked behind certain challenges.  If you need help finding some of the other Fortbytes, we’ve compiled a complete list of Fortbyte locations and how to get them.  Collecting 90 Fortbytes will unlock the Singularity skin.


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