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Fortnite: Found Inside a Metal Llama Building — Fortbyte #21 Location

Head north of Junk Junction to find Fortbyte #21.

Fortbyte #21 has been added to the Fortnite map and this collectible has players tracking own the big metal llama building.  This is a pretty recognizable location for most Fortnite players, but if you’re having trouble tracking down exactly where it is, we’ll explain here.

You should be able to easily see the metal llama if you land at Junk Junction

The metal llama building can be found on the hill north of Junk Junction.  Once you’ve made it to the structure that is shaped like a llama, you can head inside and find Fortbyte #21 in the stairwell.  The fastest way to get this Fortbyte is to land on the back of the llama, enter in through the door on the second floor and the Fortbyte will be between the first and second floors of the structure.

There are no other requirements to collecting Fortbyte #21 so you don’t have to have any characters, equipment, or emotes to do this.  If you’re still having trouble getting Fortbyte #21 you can use the video helper below.

With Season 9 coming to a close in Fortnite, there have almost been 100 Fortbytes released in the game.  Check out the wiki below for the locations of other Fortbytes if you’re trying to collect 90 of them to unlock the Singularity Skin.

Season 10 is just days away in Fortnite so you’ll need to act fast in collecting the items if you want the skins and rewards associated with collecting all the Fortbytes in the game.