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Fortnite – How to Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries

Iron Man can be found at Stark Industries, but he's a powerful opponent.

by Diego Perez


As the Fortnite Nexus War heats up, Stark Industries has appeared on the island alongside Iron Man. Like Doctor Doom, Iron Man is a new boss that you can take down to earn powerful mythic gear, but defeating the Invincible Iron Man is easier said than done. Not only is Iron Man a tough opponent, but several players are flocking to Stark Industries to complete this challenge and check out the new area, making this challenge very difficult to finish this week. Here’s how to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries in Fortnite.

Where is Iron Man in Fortnite?

Iron Man is located at the new Stark Industries location. He can be found wandering around in the southernmost building of the complex. He is surrounded by Stark robot guards, so reaching him can be difficult. These robots will drop Stark Industries Energy Rifles though, so destroying one can give you a decent weapon to take into the battle against Iron Man. Also, watch out for other players. Tons of people will be dropping at Stark Industries for the chance to go one on one with Tony Stark, and they’ll likely eliminate you before you can even get close to him.

How to Eliminate Iron Man

Iron Man is a strong opponent, but he can be easily beaten if you know what to do. He has a lot of health, so you’ll need to get a few good shots in on him in order to down him. Once he’s downed, you’ll have to finish him off like any other enemy. His Stark robots will become hostile toward you once you start shooting, so take them down first to even the odds.


Iron Man will use his Repulsors as his standard attack. These do a decent amount of damage, so take cover and use healing items and shields to stay alive. He’ll also occasionally use his Unibeam. The Unibeam will destroy cover and almost kill you in one shot, so try to avoid it when you see it coming. You’ll be able to see a targeting laser before it fires. Use this to dodge it.


You’ll need to eliminate Iron Man three times in total to complete this challenge. When defeated, he’ll drop his Repulsors and Unibeam as mythic weapons. The Repulsors fire quickly, while the Unibeam fires slowly. The Unibeam does a lot of damage and can destroy objects, but it has a lengthy cooldown to prevent spamming. Time your shots wisely with it. He’ll also drop an Iron Man Keycard that you can use to get into the nearby vault filled with tons of Stark Industries chests.

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