Fortnite: How to Get Pumpkin Launcher and Witch Broom

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Fortnite 18.21 update dropped yesterday, kicking off the last two weeks of this year’s Fortnitemares. We finally got our very first glimpse of Cube Queen as well as a brand new POI called Cube Town. The update even adds loads of cosmetics and other items like the witch brooms and pumpkin launcher, making this year’s Halloween event spookier.

Epic had added some new quests that players need to complete. This article will help you find the Pumpkin Launcher and Witch Broom in Fortnite Season 8 so that you can move on to doing other quests.

Where to find the Pumpkin Launcher in Fortnite Season 8

There are two new quests added, and one of them requires players to eliminate a player with a pumpkin launcher. While eliminating the player might be the easy part, getting your hands on the pumpkin launcher might be a bit tricky.

This is because there are no specific locations where you can travel and get one of these pumpkin launchers in Fortnite Season 8. However, the most straightforward approach to finding a Pumpkin Launcher for the Fortmitemares quest is to travel straight to the Sideways oddity.


The Sideways has numerous chests and contains rarer loot which increases the odds of finding a Pumpkin Launcher. Make sure to open as many chests as you can find, and you will surely get Pumpkin Launcher. They can even be on the floor loot in the Sideways anomalies. Or you can let your opponent to the finding and get the Pumpkin Launcher by eliminating him.

Either way, once you do get the Pumpkin Launcher, go out there and eliminate a player. This will complete the quest. 

How to Land While Riding a Witch’s broom 

Another quest in this year’s Halloween event has you riding brooms. These aren’t new and have been a part of previous Halloween events as well. It’s nice to see Epic adding things loved by the community from time to time.

The witch’s broom is a Mythic item and can be used to explore the entire map. But before you go on traveling places, you need to find the witch’s broom. There are quite a lot of places you can find the witch’s broom. These magical brooms can be located at Risky Reels, the landmark southeast of Pleasant Park, or even on the floor loot or alongside barrels on the map.

Another great place to find the witch’s broomstick is in the brand-new Cube Town POI. However, caution is advised. Being a new location will attract more competition, and you might encounter enemies here.

Regardless, once you find the witch’s broom, you can complete the landing challenge by pressing the shooting button. Fortnite Players will need to keep pushing the trigger until the broom lands on the surface. You need to repeat the process five times to complete the challenge. Here are all the other Fortnitemares quests:

  • Land after using a witch broom (5 times)
  • Eliminate a player with a pumpkin launcher
  • Consume 15 Halloween candy

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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