Fortnite: No Sweat Sign and Sponsorship Location

Here's how to complete the sign and sponsorship quest in the game.

by Noah Nelson


The new No Sweat Fortnite summer event is here and there are some sign and sponsorship quests you’ll need to complete. This is the first quest you’ll get in the new No Sweat event, so you can’t access any of the other great quests without it. Here is how to complete the sign and sponsorship quest in Fortnite.

Sign and Sponsorship Quest in Fortnite

The first No Sweat quest is fairly easy and will get you to the new No Sweat areas in Fortnite. If you select the No Sweat sign and sponsorship quest in the game and scroll over to the map, you’ll see two main beach areas where the signs are located. The signs are found on the beach east of Sanctuary or on the beach west of Coney Crossroads.

Once you land on the beach, watch out for other players that are also trying to complete the sign and sponsorship No Sweat quest. If the area is clear, grab a sign from a rack, With the sign in your hand, you’ll need to place it in a specific area. Check your mini-map for the exclamation mark—that is where you’ll need to plant the sign.

When you are close to the right area, you’ll see a white outline of the No Sweat sign. All you have to do now is throw or drop the sign in that area. And just like that, you have completed the quest. You’ll be rewarded with the Meowscles’ Tail style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem.

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Fortnite is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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