Fortnite: How to Perform a 360 Aerial Spin While Dismounting a Wolf or Boar

It's acrobatics time in Fortnite!

by Gordon Bicker


Fortnite has new challenges to complete as always and players have been frantically trying to complete these at an efficient pace while enjoying everything else that the experience has to offer. Of course, some challenges will have players searching up how to complete them in order to get an upper advantage of knowing exactly what to do and how to complete the challenges the fastest way possible. This guide article will explain the process of how to perform a 360 aerial spin in Fortnite while dismounting a wolf or boar in the game.

Performing a 360 Aerial Spin in Fortnite While Dismounting a Wolf or Boar

In order to successfully complete the challenge, you will simply have to perform a spin (by looking around with the camera and turning your character a full rotation) after dismounting a boar or a wolf. The most difficult part of the challenge will be actually finding either of those animals. They can be found all throughout the map thankfully but some of the best areas to look for them are to the north of the Rocky Reels or near Greasy Grove.

When you locate either animal, you can simply ride them towards a steep location. It is usually a great idea to complete this challenge by jumping off somewhere high with the animal to then allow yourself enough time to turn all the way around mid-air. Basically a Mario ditching Yoshi situation, unfortunately! Ride off from somewhere steep and dismount the animal by double pressing the jump button/key. After that just rotate your character all the way around and this challenge will be completed! Now you can get started completing all of the various other challenges there are!

Fortnite is available now and playable for the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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