Fortnite: How to Make Runaway Boulders Roll for 100 Meters in a Single Match

Let the good times roll!

by Gordon Bicker


Fortnite has additional challenges to complete as always after an update this morning and players have been happily diving back into the experience to enjoy playing through the challenges and quests. One of the quests you will be able to complete is a fun one for making boulders roll for a specified amount of distance in one match. If you are wondering how you can actually complete the quest then you will be happy to know that his guide article will take you through everything you need to know about how to make runaway boulders roll for 100 meters in Fortnite.

Making Runaway Boulders Roll for 100 Meters in Fortnite

You will have to certainly take on the spirit of Indiana Jones with these new themed quests. In order to complete this particular quest easily, you will have to head to the northwest of the map as there is one boulder that will be able to roll for 100 meters by itself when you let the boulder roll. Start traveling to the Logjam Lotus area and then head up to the northwest near the area to the top of the snowy mountain peak. There will be a boulder perched around on top of the mountain.

When you reach the boulder, all you will have to do is pickaxe away at the rocks holding it, and then when they break it will begin rolling. Ensure that you are rolling it to the sloped side of the mountain to let it roll the furthest and when it has rolled for 100 meters you will have completed the challenge. Now you can happily move on to the next ones that you have to complete! Time to have fun rolling some boulders!

Fortnite is available now and playable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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