Fortnite RL Live Deathmatch: How to Complete All Rocket League Challenges

Brawl it out for some quick rewards!

by Elliott Gatica


It’s always nice to get some freebies from the free-to-play games we enjoy, especially if we don’t want to overspend to the point where we go more than the cost of a newly released AAA game. Right now, you can snag some cool Rocket League merch for your character in Fortnite as part of the RL Live Deathmatch event.

How to Complete All Challenges for the Fortnite RL Live Deathmatch Event

There are a few challenges you need to complete in order to get all the cosmetics in this event. However, the game only tells you what to do. It doesn’t tell you the numbers you need to complete the challenges. Here are the values needed below as well.

  • Eliminate opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (different rewards at 3 and 7 kills)
  • Deal damage to opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (rewards at 250 and 1,500 damage)

Luckily, this game mode is populated by randoms so you can essentially drop into an ongoing public lobby and get these challenges done. If you feel like you aren’t the best player, pick the blue team. This usually tends to be the team with more members compared to orange because of popularity’s sake.


The only problem you might run into when in a team with the majority of players is that your kills might be stolen. You’ll either have to spawn camp or brute force your way with a shotgun.

Once you have completed all the missions, you’ll be rewarded the Golden Goal Spray, Regal Rocket Glider, Rocket League Trophy backpack, and a Nice Shot Emoticon. Out of all of them, the glider is perhaps the most unique thing to have since it has the orange and blue colors from the game.

Fortnite is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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