Fortnite Uncharted Map: How to Use Drake’s Map to Find Treasure

Here's how you can use the Fortnite Drake's Map to find the treasure.

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Fortnite Drake’s Map marks the return of Treasure Maps to the game. These treasure hunting maps debuted in Chapter 1 Season 8 and led players to Legendary loot. It was originally titled the Buried Treasure and was like an in-game item. With the latest Fortnite x Uncharted collab, Epic has brought back the item and renamed it Drake’s Treasure Map to blend in with the collaboration. Now, you need to get hold of Drake’s Map in Fortnite Chapter 3 and use it to find the hidden treasure buried somewhere on the island. This guide will tell you where to get Drake’s Map and how to use it to find the hidden treasure.

Where is the Drake’s Treasure Map in Fortnite Chapter 3 located

You can find Fortnite Drake’s Treasure map in chests, supply drops or as floor loot. This means that there is no one place or location where you can find the map. You will need to keep your eyes open and carefully search the floor loot, Supply Drops, and Chests. Fortnite Drake’s Map is an item and will fill one of the slots in your inventory. So make sure you have enough inventory space. One good thing is that these treasure maps will be in the game until the end of Chapter 3 Season 1, meaning you have almost a month to find the map.

​Fortnite Uncharted Map: How to Use Drake’s Map to Find Treasure

​Fortnite Drake’s Treasure Map share similarities with Vault Keys or the Treasure Maps from Chapter 1 Season 8. Once you have collected the Drake’s Map, simply select it from your inventory and you will notice a dotted line will emerge guiding you to an ‘X’ – where you can collect all the treasure. As you reach closer to the spot, you will also notice a glowing beam of light radiating from location X, thus making it easier to locate the place.


Once you reach the gold glow, you’ll discover a big black “X” marked on the ground. Now, all that needs to be done is dig up the place to get to the Treasure Chest. In order to collect treasure using Fortnite Drake’s Map, use your trusty old pickaxe repeatedly to dig up the place leading you to a glowing chest. Search the chest to obtain some excellent loot.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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