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Fortnite What is a Hotspot

Yellow or gold named areas are the hot spots.

by William Schwartz


In Fortnite there are locations on the map that are considered hot spots and in Season 9 Week 6 one of the challenges is to seek out a hot spot and search chests at this location.  However, it isn’t exactly clear what a hot spot is.  In this guide we’ll help you find the hot spots on the Fortnite map to help you complete this challenge.

Looked for gold text when trying to find hot spots in Fortnite

So what is a hot spot in Fortnite?  Well, this is one of the named locations on the map that looks differently than others.  When looking at the map you can tell whether an area is a hot spot depending on whether the text for the named area is yellow or not.  If the text is yellow, this is a hot spot on the Fortnite map.

Another way to tell if an area is a hot spot without looking at the map is if it has loot carriers there.  If there are an abundance of loot carriers in an area you can assume that it is a hot spot as well.


The easiest way to find hot spots is to check the map.  Sometimes you’ll see that there is just one hot spot on the map, while other times you’ll see that there are two or three hot spots or yellow

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