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Fortnite: Where to Find Artifacts for Tarana

Find artifacts for Tarana in Boney Burbs.

by Diego Perez


Fortnite received a few new challenges with the most recent update called Spire quests, and one of them requires you to find artifacts for Tarana. This is just one step in a series of quests that dropped with the latest patch, and it’s very easy to finish if you know where to look for the items you need. The artifacts are not marked on your map, so you’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find all of them. Thankfully, they’re all in one location and we’ve got your back with a list of locations and a detailed map. Here’s where to find artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite.

Where to Find Artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite

There are three artifacts in total and each of them is located in Boney Burbs. Each location is listed below.

  1. Under the stairs surrounding the tower in the southeast corner of Boney Burbs
  2. Next to a tree in the gas station in the northeast corner of Boney Burbs
  3. On the ground floor of the building directly south of Tarana

Check out the map below if you’re having trouble finding any of the artifacts.


Artifact 1 Location

The first artifact is pretty easy to find. There’s a tall tower in the southeast corner of Boney Burbs, and the artifact is on the ground underneath the spiral staircase. This is a very popular drop spot in Boney Burbs, so most players will already be familiar with the location.


Artifact 2 Location

The second artifact is directly north of the first one. It can be found in the ruined gas station in the northeast corner of Boney Burbs. More specifically, it’s resting at the base of a tree that has started growing in the building.


Artifact 3 Location

The third artifact is located inside one of the tall buildings near the center of Boney Burbs. It’s directly south of where Tarana can be found. The artifact itself is on the ground floor tucked away behind what appears to be a white counter. This could be destroyed by other players before you arrive, however, so the artifact could very well be laying on the ground exposed waiting for you to collect it.


Once you have all three artifacts, head back to Tarana to turn in the quest and begin the next step. She’ll send you to find the Thief, which will bring you one step closer to finishing this Spire quest.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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