Free Fire Weapon Tier List: The 10 Best Weapons in Free Fire, Ranked From Best to Worst

These are the best weapons available in the game

by Christian Bognar

There are tons of guns and weapons to choose from in Free Fire; without question, some are much better than others. If you are trying to maximize the number of kills you get in a match and be a great teammate on the battlefield, you want to go with the S-ranked weapons. While there are only a handful that fall into the S tier, there is a good amount that falls right under it in the A tier. Below is our list of the top 10 best weapons in Free Fire, from best to worst.

Top 10 Best Free Fire Weapons

There are no wrong choices here, as all these guns will rank you with more kills than other weapons in the game. Like COD Mobile, some require close-range combat, while others will continue to excel from a considerable distance. All of these guns have something in common, though, the powerful damage output.

S Tier – Assault Rifle – AK 47


The AK 47 is a classic gun for all fans of shooters. It is always powerful and no different in Free Fire. It has a reasonable fire rate here and does considerable damage no matter the distance between you and your opponent. Once you can master the recoil, this is considered the best gun in the game.

S Tier – SMG – MP 40


This is the best SMG for short-range combat, providing consistency across the board. The fire rate is exceptionally high; the only downfall is that players can equip few attachments. That is not a huge fault, considering it is one of the best by default.

S Tier – Marksman Rifle – Woodpecker


This marksman rifle has armor-piercing bullets, perfect for taking out those who have strong defenses. The Woodpecker also boasts high accuracy, making it the ideal gun to remove armored enemies from a great range with no problem. The fire rate is quick too, which is a nice touch.

S Tier – Assault Rifle – Groza


The Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire. The fire rate is significantly high, and damage can take your opponents out from a high distance. The ability to clear a room makes Groza one of the best guns in the game.

A Tier – SMG – UMP


Putting out a high damage output of around 50, this powerful SMG can have you killing your opponents at a fast rate. Also, the accuracy is unmatched, with barely any recoil making it the perfect weapon to play aggressively.

A Tier – Shotgun – M1014


Boasting a whopping damage of almost 100, this shotgun can have you killing your opponents in one shot. The M1014 isn’t very good at shooting from afar, but it is perfect for up close and personal. Mastering this gun’s playstyle will have players getting more kills and clearing rooms quickly.

A Tier – Shotgun – MAG – 7


This shotgun has tons of versatility and is extremely powerful. Just like the M1014, it is recommended that you save your bullets for when you are in close-range combat. Once you are close enough, your opponent won’t even have a chance to react before this powerful gun kills them in one shot. The reload speed is also impressive for a shotgun.

A Tier – Sniper – M82B


This sniper is hands down the best sniper in the game. With a high damage output, this gun also has a magazine that allows eight bullets before needing to be reloaded. This is huge, considering it will let you take multiple shots if you didn’t land your first shot on your opponent.

A Tier – Pistol – Desert Eagle


One of the most famous pistols in all of the shooters is also present in Free Fire. The Desert Eagle is so strong that if you land one shot in the correct spot on an enemy, it will kill them. This is a prevalent weapon in Lone Wolf mode that will provide a high fire rate with powerful bullets.

A Tier – Melee – Katana


Katana is one of the melee weapons with the highest range and speed. The samurai-like feel to this weapon will have you effectively taking out opponents, especially if you find a way to flank them. The scythe is also good, but we found the katana more robust regarding damage. This is at the bottom of the list mainly because melee weapons are usually secondary weapons on the battlefield.

Now you know which guns should be your go-to to become the best player and helpful teammate on the battlefield. Free Fire has a lot of similarities with PUBG, but each has strengths and weaknesses. Find the best for you by checking out our comparison guide between the two games right here!

Free Fire is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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