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Free Robux: How to Earn Tons of Money in Roblox Fast

Rake in Robux without paying a dime.

by Diego Perez


Roblox is a free game, but all the cool stuff costs Robux. Not everyone can afford to buy premium currency though, but there are actually a few ways to get Robux for free. Of course, nothing in life is truly free, and the same goes for Robux. However, if you can dedicate some time to learning a specific skill, you can quickly fill up your Robux wallet and start swimming in free cash that you can spend on anything you like, from clothes to items to game passes. Here are the best ways to get free Robux in Roblox.

Best Ways to Earn Free Robux

There are two main ways to earn free Robux, but you will have to put in some work if you want to make a lot of money. You can’t just generate Robux out of thin air, but there are ways to get tons of Robux onto your account without paying any real money.


Create a Roblox Game

The primary method of earning free Robux is creating a Roblox game for others to play. Making a game is hard work, but Roblox’s development tools are very easy to learn and it’s a worthwhile skill to work on. Game and software development is a rapidly growing field, so why not get started by building Roblox games? Once you release a game, you can monetize it by selling in-game currency, cosmetic items, starter packs, and game passes.

Any purchases made by players will go through the Roblox marketplace services and place Robux straight into your account. This is the most difficult and time-consuming method of making Robux, but if you make a great game, you’ll have a steady income of free Robux flowing into your account every month.

For more information on monetizing Roblox games, visit the Roblox Education site.


Sell Clothing

If you don’t want to commit time to game development, then you can also sell clothing on the Roblox marketplace. Designing shirts and other clothing items is much, much easier than building an entire Roblox game, but the market is insanely competitive. Your designs will have to stand apart from the competition and your items will have to be priced fairly.

If you commit to designing clothing, however, you can end up creating an entire fashion empire within Roblox that will line your wallet with Robux. If your clothing designs get popular, you will amass a following that will eagerly await your next clothing drop. Just like with making a game, if you make good clothes, customers will come. Also like making a game, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to make Robux this way. Tons of people make clothes in Roblox, but not everybody’s clothes get bought.

For more information on selling clothes in Roblox, visit the official Roblox support site.


Do Free Robux Generators Actually Work?

No. Free Robux generators are all scams. None of them are real, and you should never use one. More than likely, those are just attempting to steal your information, deliver a virus onto your computer, or get you to fill out endless surveys in hopes of getting paid. You should never use a Robux generator under any circumstances.

Roblox is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices. There are plenty of items and clothes you can get for free by using promo codes.

- This article was updated on:December 4th, 2020

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