Genshin Impact Collei: Release Date, Elemental Skill, Burst, Lore, and Everything We Know

Check out everything you need to know about Collei

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Genshin Impact‘s rumored version 3.0, set to introduce players to Sumeru, is still a few months away, but, even before the start of its beta phase, a wave of leaks regarding not only the characters set to be featured on it but also those set to be featured in subsequent patches surfaced. With that said, among the many characters leaked, 4-star Dendro Archer Collei is without a question one of the most anticipated, thanks to her role in the game’s manga. Now, and to help you get ready for Collei’s arrival, here’s everything we know about her.

Who is Collei?

Collei first debuted on Genshin Impact’s official manga, where she plays, together with Amber, one of the main roles. She was born with a grave illness, which prompted her parents, in an effort to save her life, to entrust her to Barnabas, who was, unbeknown to them, working with the Fatui. He then took her away and turned her into one of the test subjects for the Archon Residue experiment. After suffering years of horrors at the hands of the Fatui, she managed to escape, only to be ostracized by all she came in contact with, a pattern that continued until her arrival in Mondstad, where she formed a strong bond with many characters, in special with Amber.

After the events of the manga, Collei decided to go to Sumeru, in the hopes of learning more about not only the world but also about herself. According to the leaks, she is now a Ranger-in-Training.


Elemental Skill, Burst, and More

As we said above, Collei will be a 4-star Dendro Archer. According to known leaker BLANK, Collei will be a character focused on dealing both on and off-the-field Dendro damage, as according to the descriptions posted by the leaker, her Elemental Skill will allow her to trow a boomerang which will deal ounces of Dendro damage, while her elemental Burst will allow her to trow her mechanical cat into the field. Upon arrival, the cat will deal Dendro AoE damage, the cat will then continue on the field for a while, dealing Dendro damage at fixed intervals.

You can check out a full showcase of Collei’s abilities below, courtesy of known leaker YelanLover:

When Will Collei be Released?

According to many leaks, Collei is set to be released somewhere during the game’s version 3.0.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS. The game’s version 2.8 ”Summer Fantasia” is set to debut on July 13, 2022.

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