Genshin Impact: How to Clear Invisible Barrier for Old Notes and New Friends Quest

Clear them out quick to finish up this quest

by Caleb Stultz


Invisible Barrier is a world quest in the Old Notes and New Friends quest line in Genshin Impact. In the quest, you must explore four different transparent ruins and bring back any items you may find. With that said, here is how to clear the invisible barrier in Genshin Impact to move you along in the Old Notes and New Friends quest in Genshin Impact.

Clear the Invisible Barrier in Genshin Impact

The locations of all four invisible barrier ruins are shown on your map. Refer to your map anytime if you are confused about where to go.

First Transparent Ruin

The first transparent ruin to go to is the one in the top right corner of your map. Out of the four ruins, this one will be the closest and easiest to start your path on. Head over to the ruin and look for the entrance with a locked console and a single Primal Construct. You will need to defeat the enemy to get inside.

Once you have done so, start the console and head inside. After you have entered the ruin, grab the crystal and use it on the platform. Then touch the cell to allow you to see the walls when you are walking around.

When you reach a Primal Construct, destroy it. Then reach over to the other console and chest, which has a stone slate inside of it.

Second Transparent Ruin

Go west of the first ruin on your map to get to the second one. From there, enter the ruin and you will see a crystal on the chest. Use the crystal on the platform which will give you a Touch Cell device. Wait for the crystal to respawn and use it on the other platform, which will allow you to rotate the cell. Make sure it points to the device near the wall.

Once you have done that, a door will unlock. Go inside and you will see a console with a chest. You will get another slate from this chest.

Third Transparent Ruin

Go south of the Khemenu Temple. Once there, you will see a crack on the wall with a crystal there. Take the crystal and place it on the platform. Rinse and repeat.

Look around the area for a sand pile and go over to it. Once there, use an Anemo character to get rid of the sand. Start the console that appears once you’ve cleared the sand. Enter the next room and grab the chest and head over to the last ruin.

Fourth Transparent Ruin

The last ruin is south of the Mausoleum of King Deshret. Inside the ruin, take the crystal and bring it to the platform.

After you have pointed the cell laser at the device, you will see a door unlock. Go inside and grab the fourth and final chest.

Getting Back to Soheil

After you have all four slates, go back to Soheil and give them to him. You will finish the quest once you have done so.

Genshin Impact is available now PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2022

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