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Genshin Impact – How to Enhance Artifacts

Make sure your gear stays up to snuff by enhancing it.

by Brandon Adams


Genshin Impact may be a gacha, but it’s still a roleplaying game as well, and that means you’ll want to enhance artifacts if you wish to maintain an advantage in combat. Artifacts are essentially your armor, and your old, outdated artifacts can be used to boost the power of your favorite items.

Enhance artifacts in Genshin Impact by feeding them other artifacts.

Much like weapons, artifacts in Genshin Impact are improved by scraping unused artifacts for experience. To do so, go to the Character screen, select the character whose artifacts you want to enhance, then select the artifact you have in mind. From there you’ll see the “Enhance” button on the bottom-right. Selecting this will take you to the Enhancement menu, where you’ll notice the level and stats for the artifact listed in the top-right.

Below is the “Enhancement Materials” segment. You have one of two choices here: “Auto Add” will populate the six slots with items matching your selected rarity, though it can easily grab something you may want to keep. The other option is to manually add items until you have the experience you want, or all six slots are filled. You can mix and match these methods, so if “Auto Add” does pull something you don’t want to scrap you can manually replace it.


From here you’ll see the price of your enhancement in “gold” (Mora in Genshin Impact), and all you need to do is click “Enhance” if you have the requisite coin. The artifacts you selected will be destroyed, and your artifact will be enhanced. Do keep in mind that the higher level your artifact is the better the items need to be to level the artifact efficiently.

The level cap for your artifact will be determined by its rarity. So, rank-1 artifacts are capped at level 4, then 8, 12, 16, 20 for each increasing rank. You’ll want to focus on artifacts from sets that compliment your character, so don’t enhance artifacts you have no desire to keep around unless you are utterly behind the power curve. Considering how frequently artifacts drop in the world this should not be an issue.

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