Genshin Impact: How to Get King’s Squire Bow Crafting Blueprint

Getting the Aranara Bow in Sumeru.

by Weilong Mao


The 4-star bow King’s Squire in Genshin Impact belongs to the new 4-star craftable weapon series, and the blueprints for it can be obtained following some exploration in the realm of Sumeru. This idea of adding new craftable weapon series is certainly not new, as every nation has its corresponding set. The Aranara weapon series are no different, except they require a new type of billets. Aside from the billet, the issue is where and how to get the weapon blueprints so players can have them made at the blacksmith.

Steps to getting the King’s Squire Bow in Genshin Impact

The blueprint for the King’s Squire Bow is obtained from the Aranara NPC Aravinay in the Vanarana village, near the Tree of Dreams. The weapon blueprint is exchanged using an item called the Stories of You, which players can only obtain by completing world quests related to the Aranyaka questline. One Stories of You is used to trade for the weapon blueprint that the player desires, there are five Stories of You and five weapon blueprints so players don’t have to fret about not being able to empty the shops after they’ve done all the Aranyaka-related quest chains.

Players won’t be able to access Vanarana without doing Part I of the Aranyaka world quest, with the first Stories of You given after commencing Part II of the Aranyaka world quest, titled Dream Nursery. There are no alternatives to gaining access to the region or being given the affordance to talk to the NPC in charge of the item exchange. After acquiring entry into Vanarana in the dream state, start from the Statue of the Seven and head northeast up a path leading into a tunnel that leads down into the cavern housing the Tree of Dreams, players will find the NPC Aravinay standing near it.


Talk to Aravinay to exchange the Stories of You that you have for the King’s Squire Bow crafting blueprint. Now the players need to get their hands on the appropriate billet, which in this case is a Midlander Bow Billet. There are no methods for acquiring such billets from bosses or the Tree of Dreams just yet, so players will have to convert Northlander Bow billets. Find any nation’s crafting table and access the Convert tab, exchange for one Midlander Bow Billet by using one Northlander Bow Billet and two Dream Solvents.

You can now craft a King’s Squire Bow at any blacksmith by using one Midlander Bow Billet, 50 crystal chunks, 50 White Iron chunks, and 500 Mora. If players are looking to refine their bow, they will have to repeat the conversion process or wait until the appropriate methods for acquiring them are unlocked. Such as via Sumeru weekly bosses or the rewards for leveling up the Tree of Dreams.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.


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