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Genshin Impact: How to Get Shiny Flotsam

This event currency will take you less than an hour to farm.

by Brandon Adams


Shiny Flotsam is a new event currency in Genshin Impact that is earned by completing one of the new activities within the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Version 1.6. Shiny Flotsam is not only easy to earn, but you can grab enough to purchase everything within the event shop in less than an hour. What’s even better, you only need to complete the Act 1 story for the Midsummer Island Adventure to gain access to the activity that awards the currency.

Earn Shiny Flotsam in Genshin Impact by completing the Main Cannon, Make Ready . . . Fire! activity.

Shiny Flotsam is earned by completing the Main Cannon, Make Ready . . . Fire! activity that’s unlocked after completing Act 1 in the Midsummer Island Adventure story. To access the event itself you need to have cleared Act III of the Archon Quest Prologue (I.E. the Mondstadt arc) and Klee’s character quest. Normally you’d need to be Adventure Rank 40 and have a story key on hand to pick up Klee’s quest, but during Version 1.6 you only have to be Adventure rank 21 to pick it up – no key required!

Once you’ve gotten yourself all caught-up and have cleared the fog that blanketed the Golden Apple Archipelago you’ll gain access to the Main Cannon, Make Ready . . . Fire! activity. I have a full guide for the activity here, but to summarize: float around the sea and blow up floating hilichurl camps (and the hilichurl aboard). Each camp you clear will net you 200 Shiny Flotsam, and you only need 2000 to grab all the rewards in the event shop.


That means you only have to clear ten of these floating hilichiurl camps, and each only takes a couple of minutes to take down. If you jump from camp to camp you should have 2000 Shiny Flotsam within half an hour. Yep, Shiny Flotsam is perhaps one of the easiest event currencies to grind in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Mobile.

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