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Genshin Impact – How to Increase Stamina, How to Climb/Run/Swim/Glide for Longer

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by Brandon Adams


Genshin Impact uses a stamina system similar to Breath of the Wild’s, and if you want to climb, run, swim, or glide for longer you’ll need to extend your stamina meter. This isn’t difficult in theory, but you will have to put on your explorer’s cap. Just remember, this is a different “stamina” than what gacha fans are use to. For that “stamina” we have a guide here.

Stamina in Genshin Impact is increased by collecting Anemoculus and donating it to Statues of the Seven.

Anemoculus is your ticket to a larger stamina bar in Genshin Impact, and the more stamina you have the longer you can climb, run, swim, and glide. These floating blue orbs are scattered all across the map in Genshin Impact, but they’re mercifully marked on your minimap whenever you get near one. Anemoculus will appear as a star icon on your minimap, and they’re typically floating above you. Some will require you to complete a challenge or two to access, but the majority simply require some ace gliding to grab.

Once you have some Anemoculus on hand visit one of the many Statues of the Seven scattered across the world of Genshin Impact. They are labeled on the map with a pointed blue orb, and you can visit any of them to make the donation. Once you are at a statue interact with it and choose to “worship” it.


From here you’ll open the donation menu, which will tell you how many Anemoculus are needed to increase your stamina. You’ll also gain some other rewards, which is a nice bonus. You can bank whatever you have on hand, so don’t be afraid to check in with the statues if you are ever near one (they can be used to heal your party in a pinch).

Each stamina increase will require more Anemoculus than the last, so get out in the world and start exploring. Eventually you’ll find yourself able to climb, run, swim, and glide longer than before, which is massive boon. Why are you still reading this? Get out there and find some Anemoculus!

*Update* Turns out that each region has it’s own set of Statues and version of Anemoculus to collect, which is actually a boon! The Statues in a new region have their own independent levels, so if you find yourself struggling to find the last of the Anemoculus in the Mondstadt region, head over to Liyue region in the southwest and start hunting down Geoculus (it’s Anemoculus, but orange). Donate the Geooculus at Statues of the Seven within the region for the similar rewards. Expect this to be a trend as new regions are added to the game.

- This article was updated on:October 1st, 2020

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