Genshin Impact: Investigate the Ancient Ruins Electro Puzzle Guide

Master the Electro Puzzle with these sure-fire tips.

by Connor Christie
Electro Puzzle Bow Genshin Impact

The Electro Puzzle that guards the Ancient Ruins is one of the many challenging puzzles added to the newest version of Genshin Impact. Whilst it may look like one of the trickier tasks you’ve faced so far, this challenge can be accomplished in a matter of minutes if done correctly. Here we break down what you’ll need to do to ace this test.

Go for the Bow 

We’re recommending Fischl for this quest as she is both Electro and equipped with the perfect bow for the time constraints attached to this challenge. Of course, you can try out your favourite, but we’ve got the best and quickest results with the lightning-archer. Fortunately, we’ve already compiled a build guide for Fischl, so make sure to check that out to give you the best chances of getting through this challenge with ease. 


Electro Puzzle Guide – Three Pillars and One Beast 

You’ll need to head south from Fort Memei to a tiny island just by the ruins to locate the puzzle. You’ll know once you’ve arrived as you’ll receive the objective to investigate the Ancient Ruins, and you should be able to see 3 Electro Pillars as well as the ruins themselves out at sea. 


Once you’ve spotted each of the Electro Pillars, you’ll need to get to the northern tip of the small island. First, you’ll need to aim south and hit the most southernly pillar, then the pillar to your right and finally the pillar north of the island. You must activate all the pillars as quickly as possible, or the puzzle will reset. 

On completion, a powerful Lawachurl will spawn. Make the most of Fischl’s bow and keep hitting the opponent with long-distance shots while avoiding melee attacks. Defeat the beast, and the Electro Puzzle challenge is complete.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices.