Genshin Impact Lynette: Release Date, Banner, Abilities, and Leaks

Check out everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's upcoming Anemo catgirl!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: HoYoverse.

Ever since they were officially revealed as the staple characters for the region of Fontaine, Lynette and her older brother Lyney quickly raised the ranks and became fan favorites. But will Lynette be a 5-star like her brother? What will be her weapon of choice? And more importantly, what will be her role while on the field? Now, here’s everything you need to know about Lynette, including a complete overview of her leaked kit.

More About Lynette

According to her official character introduction, Lynette will be an Anemo 4-star sword user, as well as both the younger sister and stage partner of Lyney and the older sister of Freminet. However, even though she works as Lyney’s magical assistant during his many performances, Lynette seems to be more like her younger sibling and appears to prefer to stay out of the spotlight and stay be herself when out of the stage. Taking into account Freminet’s comment in her character overview, Lynette seems to be extremely focused and in some ways strict.

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You can check out her leaked splash art below:

Image: HoYoverse.

Who Voices Lynette in Genshin Impact?

Lynette will be voiced by Anairis Quiñones in the English localization of the game, as well as by Yū Sasahara in Japanese and Kekewei (可可味) in Chinese.

Genshin Impact Lynette Leaks

According to her full leaked set currently featured in Project Amber, Lynette will be an on-field Anemo DPS capable of working as an on-field DPS as well as an enabler for off-the-field offensive supports and Burst DPS’ like Fischl and Beidou. Overall, her biggest strength will lie in her ability to apply Anemo and deal heavy amounts of elemental damage through her Elemental Skill and Burst. Her Ascension stat will be Anemo DMG Bonus.

According to her leaked set, currently featured on Project Amber, Lynerete’s NA’s Rapid Ritesword will allow her to perform 4 sword strikes, with the final one being unique. Her CA will allow her to perform a quick 2-slash combo.

You can check out a quick description of both her Skill and Burst below, based on their leaked descriptions currently featured on Project Amber.

  • Like Honey Impact, Project Amber is a fan-made database featuring reliable information regarding both upcoming and upcoming characters/features. The site was developed by @anonsbelle and can be considered one of the premier sources for leaked sets.

Elemental Skill, Explained

Her Elemental Skill, Enigmatic Feint, will allow Lynette to perform an Enigma Thrust. The Thrust will then deal heavy damage and heal Lynette’s HP for a fixed amount before gradually chipping away at her heath.

Pressing the Skill will allow her to perform a simple Enigma Thrust while holding it will allow Lynette to enter her Pilfering Shadow state and perform a run similar to Yelan’s during her Skill (Hold). During her run, Lynewtte will apply Shadowsign to a nearby opponent. Once the running animation ends, Lynette will then teleport to the location of the marked opponent and perform her Enigma Thrust.

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Elemental Burst, Explained

Her Elemental Burst, Magic Trick: Astonishing Shift, will allow Lynette to, in a matter similar to Lyney, deal AoE Elemental (Anemo) DMG before summoning her Bogglecat Box. Once in the field, the box will stay in place and perform periodical AoE Anemo attacks. After the Box’s attacks come in contact with any of the game’s elements capable of triggering Swirl, it will fire Vivid Shots matching the absorbed enemy in set intervals.

You can check out a showcase of all of the above abilities, including Lynette’s Skill and Burst below, courtesy of known leaker Dim.

All of Lynette’s Talents and Constellations, Explained

According to their descriptions featured on Project Amber, Lynette’s first passive talent, Sophisticated Synergy, will allow her to increase the party’s ATK by 8, 12, 16, or 20% depending on how many elements are featured in it, Her second one Props Positively Prepped, will, on the other hand, increase Lynette’s Elemental Burst DMG by 15% after Bogglecat Box assimilates any element. The effect will last for the Box’s full uptime.

Her Exploration Talent, Loci-Based Mnemonics, will mark the location of Recovery Orbs on the minimap, thus allowing you to stay underwater for longer. While having Lynette in the party, the HP and stamina gained from touching the orbs will also be increased by 25%.

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Constellation-wise, all of Lynette’s seen to be focused on increasing her overall on-field potential by either increasing her damage or giving her Anemo infusion. You can check out a short overview of all o her constellations below, based on the description currently featured on Project Amber.

  • A Cold Blade Like a Shadow (C1): After hitting an opponent marked with Shadowsign with an Enigma Thurst, Lynette will generate a vortex pushing all enemies toward the target.
  • Endless Mysteries (C2): The Bogglecat Box will now fire one extra Vivid Shot per shot fired.
  • Cognition-Inverting Gaze (C3): Increases her Elemental Burst level by 3.
  • Tacit Coordination (C4): Lynette will be able to perform 2 Enigmatic Feints in a row.
  • Obscuring Ambiguity (C5): Increases her Elemental Skill level by 3.
  • Watchful Eye (C6): Lynette will gain Anemo Infusion as well as a 20% increase in Anemo DMG for 6 seconds after performing an Enigma Thrust

When Will the Lynette Banner Be Released?

Lynette will be released together with Lyney during the first wave of banners part of version 4.0, as she will be among the 4-stars of his banner. The version will also feature the playable debut of both Lyney and Freminet.

According to leaks by known leaker blednaya, Lynette will also be available for free during version 4.0. Like Collei, who can be added to any roster by simply completing the first five objectives of Sumeru’s ”Chapter III: Act I – Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark” Archon Quest, it is rumored that you will need to take part in the first Fontaine Archon Quest in order to get her for free.

- This article was updated on August 4th, 2023

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