Genshin Impact Weapon Ascension Guide

Always keep your weapons up-to-date by ascending them to higher tiers of power.

by Brandon Adams
Genshin Impact Weapon Ascension Guide

Much like characters in Genshin Impact, weapons can ascend to higher levels of power with the right materials and Adventure Rank. The process is essentially the same, but the materials and where you find them does differ between weapon ascension and character ascension.

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Weapon Ascension in Genshin Impact is tied to Adventure Rank, and materials come from both enemy drops and Domains of Forgery.

Weapon Ascension in Genshin Impact works in a similar manner to Character Ascension: you’ll need to reach a certain Adventure Rank to even unlock the option, and from there farm up some materials found out in the world. Like Character Ascension, the best way to farm the materials requires 20 Original Resin per Domain (if you plan to acquire the rewards at the end), so you’ll need to prioritize what you’re grinding for each day of the week (because, like Talent materials, Weapon Ascension materials are within Domains, and the drops rotate daily).

The Adventure Rank and level-caps are the exact same for weapons as they are characters, so:

  • Adventure Rank 15 – Weapon Ascension to tier 1.
    • Level cap is raised to 40.
  • Adventure Rank 25 – Weapon Ascension to tier 2.
    • Level cap is raised to 50.
  • Adventure Rank 30 – Weapon Ascension to tier 3.
    • Level cap is raised to 60.
  • Adventure Rank 35 – Weapon Ascension to tier 4.
    • Level cap is raised to 70.
  • Adventure Rank 40 – Weapon Ascension to tier 5.
    • Level cap is raised to 80.
  • Adventure Rank 45 – Weapon Ascension to tier 6.
    • Level cap is raised to 90.


As with Character Ascension, once you meet the prerequisite Adventure Rank you can level-up your weapon the new cap, then unlock the ability to Ascend it. Clicking Ascend will bring up the materials required, as well as the locations for each. Domains of Forgery in both Liyue and Mondstadt are your go-to locations, though you’ll want to track what day the material you need drops. Sundays are free-for-alls for every drop, but that does mean you are trading control for random-rolls. Additionally, the Domain specific items can be improved to higher tiers via Alchemy, though you won’t be able to make higher tier items until you reach the same Adventure Rank as the Ascension tier they are associated with.

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