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Genshin Impact Adventure Rank EXP Farming – Fastest Ways to Level Up

These are the best ways to increase your adventure rank.

by Diego Perez


Genshin Impact is the latest free-to-play gacha craze, attracting millions of players across PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Adventure Rank is the main leveling system in Genshin Impact. This is an account-wide statistic and is separate from your characters’ levels. Everything you do in Genshin Impact will increase your Adventure Rank, but there are much faster ways of earning Adventure Rank experience if you really need it. Certain features like multiplayer are locked behind Adventure Rank milestones, so you’ll want to level it up as quickly as possible to experience the full breadth of Genshin Impact’s combat. These are the fastest ways to level up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.

How to Increase Adventure Rank Fast in Genshin Impact

There isn’t a single best way to quickly increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. Just playing Genshin Impact normally will reward you with experience, but keep in mind it will take quite some time to unlock new mechanics and features locked behind certain ranks. It takes a while to level up, but there are a few things you can do to earn large amounts of Adventure Rank experience fast.

Complete Story Quests

Story quests are arguably the best way to increase Adventure Rank. Playing through the game’s lengthy prologue chapter will get you near the required level to unlock online multiplayer, and you’ll for sure be able to tackle daily commission quests and expeditions by the end of the prologue. Just follow the storyline when you’re just starting out. You’ll unlock new items and mechanics like the glider and get introduced to several dungeons and locations. The story also picks up significantly as you work through the prologue, so you’ll likely want to focus on it anyway. Save side quests and other optional activities for later.


Finish Side Quests

If you don’t want to do the story missions, then you can complete side quests throughout Teyvat in order to increase your Adventure Rank. Side quests don’t increase your Adventure Rank as much as story quests, but they’re a nice alternative when you need a break from the main scenario quests. These aren’t the best way to earn Adventure Rank experience, so don’t expect to level up too fast if you’re only doing side quests.

Check the Adventurer’s Handbook

The Adventurer’s Handbook is filled with challenges that you can work on in the background while focusing on quests, dungeons, or exploration, and it’s a great way to maximize your Adventure Rank experience earnings. You can obtain the Adventurer’s Handbook from the Adventurer Guild member named Katheryne, who can be found inside Monstadt near the entrance behind a counter. Get the handbook and take note of the challenges inside. They reward a decent amount of Adventurer Rank experience upon completion, so try and knock them out while you’re out exploring the world of Teyvat. They get pretty hard later on, but the first few sets of challenges are a breeze.


Donate to Statues of the Seven

Statues of the Seven can be found throughout Teyvat, and they grant you a large amount of Adventure Rank experience when you level them up. You can level up Statues of the Seven by donating materials to them, and you’ll get materials and experience in return. Each Statue of the Seven requires some pretty rare materials to level them up though, so you might have to do some exploring to gather the necessary items. Always keep an eye out for the items you may need to level up Statues of the Seven, as the Adventure Rank experience they reward can help you level up fast.

Do Daily Commission Quests

Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, you unlock daily commission quests. Upon reaching the appropriate level, you’ll receive a new quest that sends you to the Adventurer’s Guild to learn about daily commissions. These are daily missions that provide a decent chunk of experience, money, and materials, so you should try and do them every day. You only get four each day, so knock them out when you log in before working on other quests. You can unlock better rewards by passing certain Adventure Rank thresholds, but you don’t have to worry about that for now. You can get your daily commission quests out of the way fairly easily, so don’t neglect them when you unlock them.


Clear Dungeons and Explore

Once you run out of other options, the best way to increase Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact is just to explore and clear dungeons. If you venture to new places, you can find new quests to take on and new challenges to overcome that will reward you with Adventure Rank experience. As you level up, you’ll find certain dungeons that you can repeat for a decent amount of experience. After reaching Adventure Rank 12, for example, you’ll unlock the Windy Cliffs dungeon which you can run through multiple times for 200 XP per completion. There are also certain side quest chains that reward a nice chunk of experience, like the Mystery of the Arcadian Ruins questline or the Troublesome Work questline. It might take a while, but you’ll eventually reach a high enough Adventure Rank to unlock everything in Genshin Impact, including online multiplayer so you can party up with your friends.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.

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