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Genshin Impact Talents Guide – Talent Material Locations, Days, and Characters

Unlike Constellations, talents are leveled through good ole fashioned grinding.

by Brandon Adams


Every character in Genshin Impact comes with a set of talents that can be increased for better bonuses and damage. Travelers looking to grow in power will need to do some heavy grinding, however, before they can even dream of boosting up their favorite character’s talents.

Talents in Genshin Impact are locked behind character Ascension, and “books”.

Talents in Genshin Impact are not leveled with talent points, nor do they increase over time. Travelers will need to do two different things to level their talents: increase the character’s level and “Ascend” them, then farm up the talent level-up materials. Simple, right? As a quick heads-up: you really won’t be messing with talents until around Adventure Rank 25, and you won’t be able to farm the level-up materials till Rank 27. So, if you are nowhere near those ranks check out our guide here if you plan to power-level.

The reason being you’ll want to grind up to to at least Adventure Rank 25 is due to how Character Ascension works. You can click the hyperlink for a full breakdown on that topic, but to keep it simple here: talents can only be improved at certain Ascension tiers. Passive talents will automatically increase when their requisite Ascension tier is reached, yet you’ll need talent materials to increase your combat talents.


The materials required to level talents come in six flavors, and every character in Genshin Impact will only require one of the six for their talents. These six books are split between the two Domains of Mastery currently in the game (and you need to be Adventure Rank 27 to unlock the first tier of both), and the books on offer rotate daily. Also, each Domain’s rewards will cost you 20 Original Resin at the end, so you’ll need to balance your farming priorities. So let’s break them down by Domain, type, days, and characters.

Talent Materials Locations, Days, and Characters.

  • Forsaken Rift: Mondstadt
    •  “Freedom” (Monday/Thursday)
      • Protagonist, Amber, Barbara, Sucrose.
    • “Resistance” (Tuesday/Friday)
      • Bennett, Diluc, Jean, Mona, Noelle, Razor.
    • “Ballad” (Wednesday/Saturday)
      • Fischl, Kaeya, Lisa, Venti.
    • All are available on Sunday.
  • Taishan Mansion: Liyue
    • “Prosperity” (Monday/Thursday)
      • Keqing, Ningguang, Qiqi.
    • “Diligence” (Tuesday/Friday)
      • Xiangling, Chongyun.
    • “Gold” (Wednesday/Saturday)
      • Beidou, Xingqui.
    • All are available on Sunday.

Expect that list to expand as new characters, regions, and Domains of Mastery are added to Genshin Impact. Additionally, higher rank talents will require materials from one of the two weekly bosses, and their rewards cost 60 Original Resin to redeem. Weekly bosses do have some solid rewards, but you’ll want to focus on the Domain drops early on.

Once you have the required materials and have reached the appropriate Character Ascension tier, you can go to the Talents tab in the character menu and level the combat talents available. This same menu will also tell you what Ascension tier you need to be to level each talent, and what materials are needed once you are able to do so. Clicking the material will bring up where it drops in-game, so you can double check in-game. There are standard enemy materials listed as well, but these are not difficult to farm, and you can use alchemy to create the higher tier versions of these as needed.

- This article was updated on:October 6th, 2020

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