Ghostwire Tokyo Release Time: When Does the Game Unlock on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

Want to find out when the release time is for your platform?

by Gordon Bicker


Ghostwire Tokyo is set to release on the 25th of March and eager players will be wanting to dive into the game at the first chance they get. In turn, many people have been wondering when the exact release time for the experience is. That all-important information of when you can play whatever version of the game you have chosen to buy. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about the Ghostwire Tokyo release time for every platform.

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Time For Each Platform

Firstly, it should be noted that if you have bought the deluxe edition through the PlayStation store, you will already be able to play the game when you download it. This is due to the fact that owners of the deluxe edition for PlayStation can experience Ghostwire Tokyo three days early.

As for other game edition owners and other platforms, the release times are as follows:

  • PlayStation (Non-Deluxe Edition): Midnight of the 24th, specifically 00:00 Am on the 25th.
  • Xbox: Next year, 2023 after the 25th of March

For PC things get a little more complicated, here are all of the details for the PC launch and the respective timezones:

  • GMT: Midnight
  • EDT: Midnight
  • CDT, UTC+8, and COT: 11 PM 24th March
  • PDT: 9 PM 24th March
  • BRT and CET: 1 AM 25th March
  • EET, SAST, and AEDT: 2 Am 25th March
  • UTC +7: 10 PM 24th March
  • GST: 4 AM 25th March
  • AST: 3 AM 25th March
  • KST: Midnight
  • JST: Midnight
  • NZDT: 4 Am 25th March

When the times are reached you can start playing through the experience and enjoying everything that the game has to offer you. As can be observed, the times vary a lot for PC releases so be sure to utilize this as a reference for the day. However, it should be noted that these times are both for Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Ghostwire Tokyo releases on the 25th of March for PlayStation 5 and PC.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2022

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