Ghostwire Tokyo The Black Tower: Should You Enter the Underworld or Not?

The choice is up to you.

by Noah Nelson


Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t a game with a lot of choices, so when one is presented to you, it may raise some flags. Is this the end of the game? Will I not be able to leave once I enter? These questions are natural and will be answered in this guide. Here is whether you should enter the Underworld in The Black Tower quest in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Should You Enter the Underworld or Not in The Black Tower

In Chapter 4, you will need parts for Rinko’s motorcycle. But, the parts you need aren’t just any old motorcycle parts—you’ll need otherworldly parts. The Black Tower Quest will require you to find some fragrant underworld oil which is found by going through a corrupted torii gate. Upon interacting with the gate, KK will warm you that once you enter the underworld, it won’t be easy coming back out. Here you can choose between “Enter” and “Not yet”. If you press not yet, KK will instruct you to get prepared to enter. If you choose to enter and then feel like you aren’t ready, you can easily turn around and press exit once inside. This is not the last section of the game and, in fact, there are other corrupted torii gates that lead to a section of the Underworld that aren’t part of any quest.

Inside this section of the Underworld, you’ll need to take out Visitors as well as some patches of corrupted trees that you can take out silently with your bow and arrow. You can also go the loud route and destroy the place with Ethereal Weaving. Clearing the corrupted trees and the Visitors will open the path forward and towards the house. Grab the fragrant underworld oil inside the house.

After grabbing the oil, you’ll be transported to a twisted reality where you’ll need to find your way out. At the end of the hall, you’ll face Shiromuku, a new type of mini-boss. After defeating her, grab the fragrant underworld oil for the last time which is sitting on the table. You’ll be transported back to where you picked it up in the first place and need to make your way back to the torii gate. In the final stretch to the torii gate, multiple high-difficulty enemies will attack you. You can find them off or you can run right past them and exit.

And that will end that section of The Black Tower quest. Look at that, the decision to choose between entering the Underworld or not in Ghostwire: Tokyo wasn’t so big after all. For more helpful tips and tricks, check out our other Ghostwire: Tokyo guides.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available March 25, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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