Ghostwire Tokyo XP Farm: Fastest Way to Level Up

Time to collect some souls (in a good way).

by Noah Nelson


Ghostwire: Tokyo is here you may be wondering what the fastest way to level up is. The city is filled with activities to do but what is the best way to get the most bang for your buck? Completing side quests will get you a good amount of money and sometimes a Magatama, but is that the fastest way to level up? In this guide, we’ll tell you the secret to the fastest way to level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

How to Level Up Fast in Ghostwire Tokyo

The key to leveling up fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo is by absorbing spirits. After Chapter 2, you will get an ability called Spectral Vision. This ability allows you to see through walls while highlighting collectibles around you. Use Spectral Vision to find the lost spirits around you, get close to them, and suck them up with your katashiro. You’ll be able to upgrade things like the range of your Spectral Vision and how quickly you absorb spirits as you level up. Once you’ve reached your max capacity, turn your spirits into any payphone to get Meiko and XP. This is one way to level up, but is it the fastest?

The fastest way to level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo is through corrupted trees. Corrupted trees are scattered everywhere throughout the city and each one holds two or three spirit clusters worth anywhere between 100 and 250 each. Of course, corrupted spirits are guarded by Visitors, but that’s just more XP for you.

Once you’ve located a corrupted tree and cleared the Visitors, use Spectral Vision to find its core. Be careful not to get too close as standing in the surrounding area will damage you. Hit it using your bow and arrows or with Ethereal Weaving. Absorb the spirits with your katashiro and turn them into the payphone for Meika and XP. The amount of XP you receive from spirits is always double the spirit amount. For example, 1,000 spirits will reward you with about 2,000 XP.

Now that you have access to a near-endless supply of XP from corrupted trees and spirits, it can be difficult to choose which skills to unlock first. If you want to maximize your spirit absorbing efficiency, you may want to unlock Michikiri I and II which increases the speed at which you absorb spirits. For more tips and tricks to help guide you through your Ghostwire: Tokyo adventure, check out the rest of our Ghostwire: Tokyo guides.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available March 25, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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