Girls Frontline Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Which T-Dolls are best for your echelon?

by Christian Bognar
Girls Frontline Ranked Tier List
Image: Sunborn Japan and Mica Team.

Girls Frontline is a mobile strategy role-playing game that takes place in a world filled with ruins and constant disaster during a war. In this game, players can collect and use over 100 characters with unique buffs, strengths, and weaknesses. To save the world from impending doom, you want to have the best characters in your echelon. Here is our ranked tier list for all characters in Girls Frontline.

All Characters in Girls Frontline Ranked

All characters, otherwise known as T-Dolls, have their weapon type. Remember that each weapon has strengths depending on the situation, so it is always wise to know what you are getting into as you prepare your Echelon. Below is a table with all the characters categorized into their specific weapon type.

TierAssault RifleHandgunMachine GuneRifleShotgunSubmachine Gun
SFal, G11, HK416, G41, OTs-14, T91.Grizzly, M950A, Welrod MK. 2.Mg5, Negev.M99, NTW-20, WA2000.KSG, M1887, Saiga-12, Thompson.Suomi, Type 79, Vector.
AAk-12, AM RFB, AN-94, ART556, AUG, K2, MDR, Type 95, Type 97, Zas M21.Contender, Five-SeveN, USP Compact.MG4, HK21, NZ75, PKP.Lee-Enfield, SRS, Kar98k, JS05, DSR-50, Carcano M91, Carcano M1891.AA-12, FP-6, SAT 8, M1014, SPAS-12.C-MS, G36C, Type 100, SR-3MP, RO635, MP7.
BXM8, TAR-21, Type 56-1, Ribeyrolles, M4A1, M4 SOPMOD II, M16A1, G36, FAMAS, 9A-91, Ak 5, AR-15, AS VAL, CZ2000.Bren Ten, Thunder .50 cal, Stechkin, K5, M1873, Mk23, P7, Spiire, SPP-1.AEK-999, Ameli, M1918, M60, MG3, Mk48, PK, Type 80.Ballista, G28, T-5000, SVD, Springfield, PzB39, PTRD, Mosin-Nagant.M1014, USAS-12, Type 97, Super-shorty, M37, M590, SPAS-12.G36C, UMP9, UMP45, UMP40, Shipka, PP-90, PP-19-01, PP-19, Klin, Honey Badger, Gr MP5.
CAK-47, CZ-805, FF FNC, OTs-12, StG44, AR70, ARX-160, ASH-12.7, Model L, T65.Astra Revolver, Tokarev, Mauser C96, Makarov, M9, Luger P08, Glock 17, CZ52, GSh-18, HK45, P226, P99, PSM, Serdyukov, Type 59.Hanyang 88, M2HB, MG42, Bren, HK23, M249 SAW, RPD.Gr PSG-1, M1 Garand, M14, M21, SV-98, Gepard M1, Type 81, WZ 29, OTs-44, SSG 69, Super SASS.KS-23, RMB-93, M1897, M500, NS2000.EVO 3, Z-62, Sten, Skorpion, Ingram, FMG-9, F1, TMP, T77, SCW, OTs-39, M12, MT-9.
D6P62, F2000, Type 63, SIG-510, L85A1, Galil, G3.PPK, Nagant Revolver, MP-446, M1911, FNP-9.M1919, MG34, LWMMG, AAT-52, DP28, FG42.Type 56, VM59, SVT-38, Simonov, G43, FN-49.Beretta Model 38, IDW, M3, M45, PP-2000, PPSh-41, Specter M4, Type 64.Mini Uzi, PPS-43

S Tier

In this tier level, you will find the best characters in Girl Frontline that offer incredible perks and high base stats. Having an echelon filled with S-ranked characters will likely result in a win against even the most challenging enemies in the game. While each weapon type is more substantial in certain situations, the standout names here can handle anything thrown their way.

Fal is one to take note. She has a helpful ability that launches three grenades consecutively, causing five times base damage with a 1.5 radius, and it’s a great way to hit many targets. Then there is T91, who is the perfect character to use at night since nighttime increases her damage by 120% and critical rate by 50%.

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A Tier

If S ranking is too hard to get ahold of, you won’t go wrong picking any of the characters in the A tier. Putting them in the correct order on the battlefield will increase their potential, making them a deadly force perfect for any mission.

The top names here are Contender and PKP. Contender’s Inquisitor’s Bullet skill deals three times her base damage and will target the enemies with the highest hp, which is especially helpful during a boss battle. N275, on the other hand, has the Ultimatum ability that has a 20% chance to shoot an additional bullet with guaranteed critical damage.

B Tier

Characters in this tier are okay, but they could be better. The names in the B tier are a great way to progress in the game until better options, preferably S or A-tier names, become available. With decent stats, the enemies shouldn’t cause these characters too much trouble in the early game.

CZ2000 can make a massive difference in the player’s echelon as she has an ability that increases damage by 65% during the daytime or increases accuracy by 40% at nighttime. This makes her perfect for both day and night. Don’t overlook Bren Ten, who raises ally damage by 18%, making her a great teammate.

C Tier

This is when the characters enter the “bad” territory. They aren’t the worst options in the game, but as players reach the mid-game, they will soon notice that they shouldn’t invest time into them as the more difficult enemies will destroy them.

If you must use some of these characters, here are some recommendations. Ak-47 has high base health, which can help increase her damage by 35% through her Strike Focus ability. And then M14 can increase her damage by 60%, but unfortunately, only for 5 seconds. Still, this can deal one devastating shot.

D Tier

Now, these are the characters that players should avoid from the gecko. The only circumstance these options should be in a player’s echelon is if it is within the first few battles, where they have no other choice. With low base stats and underwhelming abilities, it will take a highly skilled player to make them work.

Be aware of 6P62’s significant AR damage, as she has one of the lowest accuracy stats in the game, making her high damage almost useless. You will see this a lot in the D tier level, a stat that looks good but is almost always brought down by another abysmal stat.

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- This article was updated on March 6th, 2023