God of War Ragnarok Dauntless or Stonewall: Which Shield Should You Craft First?

Lots of defense or parry perfection?

by Noah Nelson

One of the most exciting new features in God of War Ragnarok is the new shield variety. Though numerous shields will be at your disposal as you progress through the Path and the Favors, the two shields you can access first are Dauntless and Stonewall. At the beginning of the game, you only have enough materials to build one shield. Here is the first shield you should craft in God of War Ragnarok.

Which Shield Should You Craft First in God of War Ragnarok

When presented with the choice between crafting the Dauntless Shield or the Stonewall Shield, you may find yourself not knowing which one is the best option. To build the shields, you need 750 Hacksilver and one Slag Deposit. Because you only have enough resources for one, this decision can be hard.

The Dauntless Shield excels are parrying. It has a Shield Bash ability that deals high stun damage. Also, if you press the block button right when an enemy hits you, you will perform a successful parry which will deal a lot of stun damage.

The downside to the Dauntless Shield is that it can’t block a lot of attacks. The Dauntless Shield is really only used for parrying. Other than that, you should rely on your dodge ability.

The Stonewall Shield excels are defense. Capable of blocking guard breaks, the yellow-ringed attacks, the Stonewall Shield is great if you want a big defensive shield. It can absorb attacks and deliver a Shield Slam that will knock all of the enemies into the air.

Both the Stonewall Shield and the Dauntless Shield are great options. In our opinion, the Dauntless Shield requires more skill but is more rewarding as you’ll be able to stun enemies more often. The Stonewall Shield is an easier shield to use that is sturdy and gets the job done.

Kind of like a difficulty gate, the Stonewall Shield will allow you to block almost everything and give you an easier time. The Dauntless Shield can’t block much but is great for people who prefer to parry. The choice is up to you.

Of course, you’ll soon be able to craft the shield that you didn’t initially craft as well as many more. The Onslaught Shield allows you to charge at enemies, the Shatter Star Shield allows you to shoot a projectile at enemies, and the Guardian Shield is a perfect mix between Dauntless and Stonewall.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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