God of War Ragnarok: Demise of Dagestr Treasure Location

This treasure has some helpful goodies

by Christian Bognar

Just like its predecessor in 2018, God of War Ragnarok has treasure hunts to keep players busy for quite some time during and after the story. These treasures are well worth it, considering you can get helpful crafting components to help create the best armor and upgrade your weapons. While players can find most of the treasure maps and the treasure itself in the same realm, the Demise of Dagestr is different, where players will need to go to two separate locations. This guide will walk you through the exact locations in each realm so you can complete this treasure hunt.

How to Find the Demise of Dagestr Treasure

Players will find the treasure map in Svartalfheim, shown in the image below. Go down the elevator at the location.


Head down the pathway until you see a crack in the wall with wind coming out of it. Use your spear in the crack, climb to the top, and find the treasure map there. Pick it up to activate the quest.


Now you must proceed back to a gate, where you must fast-travel to Midgard. The treasure is located on the northwestern side of Lake of Nine (image below for reference.) Before you can reach it, you must destroy an ice wall with your spear. There will be a crack in the ice, which is hard to miss.


Continue down to the end of the path, where you will find a glowing circle in the ground. Hit the circle button to collect the treasure.


The reward for completing this treasure hunt is as follows:

  • x2 Asgardian Ingot
  • x40 Shattered Rune
  • x2 Petrified Bone
  • x2 Luminous Alloy
  • 1x Helheims Force Amulet Enchantment

All the treasure hunts are worth it with rewards like the ones mentioned above. Give yourself a headstart on these treasure hunts by checking out our guides on the Washed Ashore, Vikings Gift, A Scar is Born and the Forgotten Tower treasures!

God of War Ragnarok is available now on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2022

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