Goose Goose Duck: All Roles Explained

Who's the most sus out of all these roles?

by Noah Nelson

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game like Among Us, or Secret Hitler for my board game lovers, that is growing in popularity. But, unlike those games, Goose Goose Duck makes things more exciting by introducing a myriad of special roles to spice up the game. These roles are optionally added to each game, but here are all of the roles in Goose Goose Duck.

Every Role in Goose Goose Duck Explained

For starters, there is the basic role of either a Goose or a Duck. Much like a crewmate or the imposter, the Geese are the players who are innocent and must work together to vote out the Ducks. The Ducks are fewer in number and need to kill each Goose without them catching on.

Those are the basic roles that every game abides by but the special rules provide much more than just crewmate jobs. Here are all of the special roles for the Ducks and Geese that make Goose Goose Duck very interesting:

All Geese Special Roles

  • Adventurer Goose – You cannot die from the environment.
  • Avenger Goose – If you witness another Goose being murdered, you can kill the murderer temporarily.
  • Birdwatcher Goose – Can see through walls but has limited regular vision.
  • Bodyguard Goose – You are assigned another player to protect. If you stand between them and the killer, you die instead and get a bonus.
  • Canadian Goose – If someone kills you, they will automatically self-report your body.
  • Celebrity Goose – Alerts the other Geese when you are killed.
  • Detective Goose – You can investigate a player once per game to see if they have killed anyone.
  • Gravy Goose – Completing tasks will increase your bounty, survive to prevent whoever kills you from getting your currency.
  • Locksmith Goose – You can open the jail door anytime.
  • Mechanic Goose – Can use vents.
  • Medium Goose – Can detect how many ghosts are present at any time.
  • Mimic Goose – Ducks see you as another duck.
  • Mortician Goose – You investigate corpses to see what their role was.
  • Politician Goose – You cannot be sent to jail and you win voting ties.
  • Sherrif Goose – You can kill anyone, but if you kill a Goose, you die.
  • Snoop Goose – Can hide in nooks and crannies.
  • Technician Goose – Can approximately detect where sabotages are called in.
  • Vigilante Goose – Can kill one player without consequences.

All Duck Special Roles

  • Assassin Duck – If you guess a role correctly, you will kill a player in a meeting. You die if you are wrong.
  • Cannibal Duck – You can eat a corpse once per game to hide a body.
  • Demolitionist Duck – You plant bombs on other players.
  • Hitman Duck – Kills give you a bonus.
  • Identity Thief Duck – When you kill someone, you transform into them until a meeting happens.
  • Morphling Duck – You can disguise yourself as others.
  • Ninja Duck – You can kill two people who are close enough at the same time.
  • Party Duck – You choose players to give a high-pitched voice to in meetings.
  • Professional Duck – You cannot report corpses, and Geese can not see your kills. They will automatically report them if they get close.
  • Silencer Duck – You can mute a player from saying anything during meetings.
  • Snitch Duck – If you are the only person to vote for a player they are put into jail.
  • Spy Duck – If you are the only one to vote for a player in a meeting, you will learn their role.
  • Undertaker Duck – You can slowly drag bodies to try and hide them.

All Other Bird Special Roles

  • Dodo – You win if you are voted out, so try to act suspiciously.
  • Dueling Dodos – If the other Dodo in the game is killed, you win if you are voted out. You can complete your tasks to be able to kill the other Dodo if they are still alive.
  • Falcon – Always automatically skips voting. You win by being the last one alive and can only lose by Ducks pulling off sabotage or Geese completing all tasks if you are still alive.
  • Lover Goose/Duck – If you and your lover are the last ones alive, you both win.
  • Pigeon – Transmit a disease to all players before a meeting is called to win.
  • Vulture – Your only objective is to eat the corpse of a murdered Goose.

And those are all of the roles in Goose Goose Duck! Feel free to have this list handy when you play so that you can guess what the other Geese and Ducks’ roles are.

Goose Goose Duck is available now on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023