Gotham Knights: All Landmarks Locations in The Cauldron

Check out where to find all the landmarks scattered across The Cauldron district

by Franklin Bellone Borges


As they explore the city of Gotham in Gotham Knights, players can perform a wide array of side activities, which range from side missions to timed events and collectible hunts. With that said, among the wide array of collectibles featured throughout the city, you can find Graffiti murals, up to 60 Batarangs, and 40 landmarks. But how many landmarks are featured in the Cauldron district, and more importantly, where are each of them located? 

Gotham Knights: All Landmarks Locations in The Cauldron

Overall, you can find a total of four landmarks in The Cauldron district, all of which will, just like the Graffiti murals, be easily identifiable when scanned. Now, without further ado, here’s the exact location of all landmarks featured in The Cauldron district in Gotham Knights:

  • The landmarks are showcased in order of proximity, thus allowing you to get them all in a single swoop. With that said, to make the endeavor of finding all of them easier, we highly recommend that you unlock each character’s traversal skills.

Sacred Heart Convalescent Home


The Sacred Heart Convalescent Home landmark can be found by heading northeast of Paris Island and north of Gate Street. More specifically, you can find the plate in front of the surrounding area’s most substantial building.

Fei Hong Supermarket


You will be able to find the Fei Hong Supermarket landmark place by heading to an area located directly below Gate Street and directly in front of Volczek Street, both of which are located east of Paris Island.

Paris Island Incinerator


You will be able to find the Paris Island Incinerator landmark by heading to, as its name implies, Paris Island. You will be able to find the landmark plate by heading to the incinerator’s main entrance.

Luigi’s Finest Pizza


The landmark can be found by heading southwest of Paris Island, more specifically south of Diangelo Avenue. You will be able to find the Pizza place directly in front of a laundry mat, in the exact spot marked on the map above.

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