Gotham Knights: Every Confirmed Playable Character

Are you ready to play as the Knights of Gotham...?

by Gordon Bicker


Gotham Knights crept within the shadows for a period of time but it has now made its entrancing arrival back into the scene with outfits and graphics of splendour ready to make its mark on the gaming universe. As part of DC FanDome 2021, a story trailer was released for the experience and there were a plethora of details to deliciously dig into about all the characters you will be able to play within the experience. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about all the playable Gotham Knights characters and details on each vigilante and hero.

The Confirmed Playable Gotham Knights Characters

As showcased within other trailers before, there are four characters that are set in stone for the player to be able to take on the mantle of. These are as follows: Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Notably, each character will have their own unique playstyle attached with different layers of mechanics intertwined within each character.

The Gotham Knights characters are shaping up to be a thrill for everyone to experience in 2022.

Gotham Knights’ Batgirl

First on the list is Batwoman, otherwise known as Barbara Gordon. Fans of the Arkham games, comics, or the movies will be familiar with Barbara and her fearsome determination. Daughter to Jim Gordon, Barbara has worked with Batman over the years as Batgirl and also became ‘Oracle’ at one point due to a face-off which caused her to need a wheelchair. She continued to be an information and communications expert. After a lot of training and rehabilitation, she has fully recovered from the battle which caused her injuries and now has returned to the streets of Gotham as Batgirl.

Notably, in-game, her fighting style will be similar to Batman’s with a diverse range of combat styles said to encompass those like capoeira, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing. Her information gathering skills and proficiency with technology will also aid the battle for Gotham.

Gotham Knights’ Nightwing


Dick Grayson is the next confirmed playable character in Gotham Knights and is said to be the most charismatic of the Batman Family. Batman’s first protégé has aimed to impress Batman through his time in Gotham and then has become his very own hero nowadays with a team of other kickass heroes to help defend the city.

In terms of gameplay, Nightwing has proficiency in acrobatics and uses his duel escrima sticks for that good ole’ electrical damage.

Gotham Knights’ Red Hood


Jason Todd is known as Red Hood and he wants to rid Gotham City of its corruption after taking on the brunt of it himself. Fans of the Batman Arkham series will know Jason’s involvement in the later games and it is a thrill to see him return to the scene.

Yet again, the gameplay for Red Hood is different to the other characters and his strengths are in being proficient with multiple combat techniques and styles all at once. These range from a variety of weapons to martial arts and has now also stuck to the morals of non-lethal combat styles similar to Batman.

However; as with all the games in the Arkham series, Batman sure loves to put enemies heads through live high-voltage fuseboxes so electrocution still seems to be allowed…

Gothams Knights’ Robin


Tim Drake is the next on the list who is better known as Robin. Fans of the DC universe will be nicely acquainted with Robin already and know the background of training he has had with Batman.

Robin will yet again be armed with his signature collapsible quarterstaff and can take on roles of stealth as many of the other characters can. His fighting style will be very acrobatic and brute-force based as fans have already had time to discover during some of the Batman Arkham games. It should be noted that every confirmed playable character in Gotham Knights has been featured in at least one Batman Arkham game and players have had the opportunity to play as them for some time.

Who will you want to play as first in the experience?

Gotham Knights will be available in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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