Gotham Knights: Kane’s Private Elevator Puzzle Solution

A little brain game to bring the Voice to justice.

by Elliott Gatica


Now that you have an arrest warrant out for Jacob Kane, he won’t make this easy for you. After going through countless armed guards and stealth sections, he has more problem-solving for you to do. Once you hit Kane’s private elevator in Gotham Knights, there’s a puzzle that we have the solution for. Upon solving this, you can pursue him further until his eventual arrest.

What is the Solution to Kane’s Private Elevator in Gotham Knights?

Once you reach his office, you can scan around for the phone he left behind along with a few interactable objects. The focus point is that weird mechanism on the wall with the different symbols of the crime syndicates in Gotham City. This is your key to getting to the heart of Kane Industries and eventually reaching the Voice of the Court itself.

Your character will make some kind of remark that this is like Sudoku in the sense that each individual square must not be repeated in the same row or column. There must be a unique piece to fit that rule. Once all squares in this 4×4 grid are filled and in the right position, you can move forward. We have a screenshot below to provide you with an answer.


Once you complete this puzzle, the door should open. People unfamiliar with the game will probably have a bit of a tough time since Sudoku is a bit of a niche puzzle game. It’s nothing like previous cases in the game where you just had to put two pieces of evidence together to progress the narrative, like finding the solution back at Chelsea Tunnel.

Luckily, this is one of the last puzzles that you have to solve in the main story of Gotham Knights. There are two more ahead, which are more on the conventional side.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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