Gotham Knights ‘The Key’ Solution: What is the Order About?

Where will this lead get you to next? Is it a trap?

by Elliott Gatica


Now that you have further leads on Batman’s last case regarding the Court of Owls, you’re finding some of the more hidden locations in Gotham City. In Case 3.1 – The Key, you have to get to the Gotham Gazette, but you’ll need to find out some things about The Order. Finding the answer out will point you to where you need to go for your next mission. So, what is the order about in Gotham Knights, and what is the solution to ‘The Key’ in this case?

What is the Order About in Gotham Knights?

Upon entering, there’s a map with some objects on it, including an Owl dagger. You will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • What is the order about?
    • What are the Court’s Instructions?
    • Where is the target location?

These are the answers for each one:

  • For the Court’s instructions, pick the OFASiEDE Card. The translation means “purge”. It follows up with a message that says “kill all who trespass”. The rest of the description says that this image matches the one on the second order.
  • Mark the brass peg that points west, toward the Gotham River. This is the location of the target.

Your prompt should now say:

  • “The court is giving an order to purge a location.”
  • “The location is near the Gotham River.”

Upon finding out this big hint, you will then have to head over to the Chelsea Tunnel. This is where the next part of the mission takes place. You’ll learn more about what the Court is really doing.

Make sure you’re prepared for this mission. Craft new and upgraded gear if you can before heading there as you’ll face new foes as you get closer to cracking the case. There will also be future puzzles and mysteries to solve once in there, so check on that when the time comes.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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