Gran Turismo 7 Settings Guide: Best Controls for Easiest Driving

How do you make Gran Turismo 7 a bit more accessable? Find out with this handy guide!

by Shaun Cichacki


Gran Turismo 7the newest entry in the 25-year racing sim, is the most accessible its been in years. While you can still make the game as hard as you’d like, what about those who are taking their first journey into the franchise? Gran Turismo can be a frightening time that can turn players off if they don’t know how to properly control the metal machines you’ll be racing around in.

Thankfully, with the help of assists in the game, you’ll be able to customize the experience to be exactly what you’d like it to be. Following our guide, you’ll find out how to activate presets for your skill level or customize your assists in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 – How To Add and Remove Assists


Before you start a race in Gran Turismo 7, you’ll be granted a few different options. You can select Play to begin your race, Settings to tweak and fine-tune your experience, or Exit to go back and select a different race to partake in.

Before you take part in your next race, you can select Settings to tweak your experience and select from the large list of Assists to help you succeed in your upcoming race. If you’re new to the series and are not confident in your skills, you can select Beginner, which puts just about every assist at its maximum level, making it so you can enjoy the race without having to fine-tune every aspect.

Intermediate will remove some of these assists, making it so you’ll need to be in complete control of your car, and so you’ll be ready to start learning all of what the game has to offer. The final pre-selectable option is Expert, which lets you in full control over every aspect of your car. For those looking for the most realistic experience, you’ll want to stick with experts.

Finally, there is the option for Custom, which allows you to set and choose assists as you would like, so if you may need help with breaking, but don’t need help with countersteering, you’ll be able to pick and choose how much help you get.

However, this is the best way to make sure that you’re ensuring the easiest drive, without being boring;

  • Gears – Automatic
  • Traction Control – 5
  • ABS – Default
  • Auto Drive – Off
  • Driving Line Assistance – All
  • Braking Indicator – On
  • Braking Area – On
  • Replace Car After Leaving Track – Off
  • Active Stability Management – On
  • Countersteering Assistance – Weak

For those starting the game, picking Beginner is the best choice, as you’ll be able to just get in and cruise, but you can always change the amount of help that you receive as you progress further in the game. Thankfully, you are not locked into your choice, as you can customize these settings whenever you deem fit.

Gran Turismo 7 is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

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