GTA Online: How to Participate in the Arena War Tag Team Adversary Mode

Want to take part in one of Arena War's feistiest modes? Look no further.

by Gordon Bicker


Grand Theft Auto Online has had a vast and prominent history in releasing a range of new content for players to dig into. One of the content releases in the past was Arena War and this made way for one of the biggest drops of new modes for players. One of the modes was Tag Team, and this has featured heavily in GTA Online’s daily objectives where fans are tasked with completing a range of alternating objectives each day. This guide article will take you through how to participate in Tag Team in GTA Online and what the mode entails for you.

How to Participate in Tag Team in GTA V Online

There is a range of methods that can be utilized in order to join the mode in the first place, you can either travel to the Maze Bank Arena and join the Arena War modes that way until you eventually will be put into the Tag Team mode or you can take the much easier way.


Firstly, open the pause menu then navigate to the ‘online’ tab. In here, select ‘jobs’. After this point, press ‘play job’ then navigate to ‘Rockstar Created’. Enter that part of the selection menu and the first sub-set of jobs you see should be ‘Arena War.’ Select this sub-set/list of modes and keep scrolling down the list until seeing the following modes: Tag Team I, Tag Team II, and Tag Team III. Once you have found these modes, press on any of them and start searching for active jobs through them in order to participate in Tag Team within Gta V Online.

What is the Tag Team Mode in GTA Online?

Tag Team puts you and one other player in a team battling against 14 other opponents in total. Each team (eight teams) will have one player in the arena at any one time, and the objective is to simply use devastating arena cars and annihilate the oppositions by ramming into them and utilizing other strategies.

If eliminated or spectating, you will be able to do so from the spectating room that acts as a friendly and chatty public gathering spot for the majority of the Arena War modes.

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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