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A Guide To Running The Gauntlet In Madden NFL 15 (Part 2)

by Dean James


Madden NFL 15 just released yesterday and that means gamers have finally gotten the chance to try out the new and very fun The Gauntlet mode. In this mode, you face off against 40 challenges, all but eight of which are randomized. However, every five challenges brings a boss battle, so, we decided to put together a guide on how to conquer these boss battles and The Gauntlet as a whole. We already posted Part 1 with Boss Battles 1-4 prior, so without further ado, we have the remaining four to tell you about.

Boss Battle 5 – Media Day (#25)

Score a Touchdown during Super Bowl Media Day. Tip: Do not run into your on-field teammates or they will try to slow you down.

  • It seems like we have a trend, with this being the third boss battle out of five so far to involve running a good distance down the field while dodging blockers. However, this one is quite comical, as you are running not only past the opposing team, but the media that is scattered all over the field.
  • This one is much simpler than the last few, as all you really need to utilize is your juke and maybe your spinmove. Use those wisely and you should advance rather easily.

Boss Battle 6 – One Man Defense (#30)

Prevent the Touchdown at all costs. Tip: The pass is most likely going to the end zone.

  • Now this one is a tough one, especially if you are a more offensive oriented Madden player. You are only one defender on the field that is up against four receivers, so you will have to defend very carefully as the quarterback tries to score a TD here.
  • As the tip says, it’s likely going to the end zone, so your best bet is to head for the end zone towards where the receivers are converging and get position in front of them to at least knock the ball down.

Boss Battle 7 – Stay Alive (#35)

Stay in the hot spot for the length of the timer without getting tackled. Tip: Stay in the pocket for as long as you can, then use your speed to avoid the defenders.

  • This one puts you in a basic offensive play set with a hot spot covering the entire backfield basically. You must stay in this area from one sideline to the other for the duration of the timer.
  • First of all, you will want a team with a speedy QB for this one, so if you happen to fail on this and will be starting the Gauntlet over, you can prepare for the next time.
  • As the tip says, try to stay in the pocket for as long as you possibly can, but when you see the defenders start to rush, bail out and rush to the side while avoiding the defenders and the sideline as well. The timer should run out in no time at that rate, and you will only have one boss battle to go.

Boss Battle 8 – Final Boss (#40)

Complete the Hail Mary for a TD and become the Gauntlet Champ! Tip: Throw it right before your WR reaches the end zone and cross your fingers.

  • Well after Boss Battle 6, you are now on the opposite end of this kind of play, as you must complete a Hail Mary rather than deflect it. Hail Mary’s are the most difficult pass to complete most of the time in football, so there will be a lot of luck associated with this one.
  • I personally like to choose Hail Mary Trio, as it gives the defenders a little more to think about with the one receiver crossing over deep. When the group of receivers is nearing the end zone, let it rip and hope it happens to fall in the hands of one of your guys.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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