Hades 2 Announcement: Platforms, Release Date, and Everything We Know

Meet the Gods a second time in the next title from Supergiant Games!

by Marc Magrini
Hades 2 Announcement: Platforms, Release Date, and Everything We Know

The developers of Hades made a surprise announcement during this year’s Game Awards. After the original game found such wide acclaim, Supergiant Games announced that the rogue-like dungeon-crawler would become a full-fledged franchise with Hades 2. The announcement for Hades 2 was paired alongside a trailer for the title, giving fans a great idea of what they can expect.

Hades 2 Announcement: Platforms, Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know


Though Zagreus was the lead in the original Hades, this new game features a different playable character in the form of his sister, Melinoë. She and Hades will still appear in the title, but it’s unknown who else in the family will return. The Steam page for the game mentions a few notable names such as Nemesis, Zeus, and Apollo, and the trailer shows other characters like Moros and Dora. It seems that relations with these characters will unfold similarly to the original game, with Zeus and Apollo offering boons that provide buffs to the player during their journey.


The gameplay of Hades 2 seems to be almost identical to its predecessor, though new weapons in the form of a staff and a sword-and-sickle seem to provide methods of play not seen before. There are also brand-new enemies and bosses, with the Greek Titan of Time being the main antagonist. It’s unknown what else has changed from the original title, but more information will likely be shared in the future.

Release Date & Platforms

As of the announcement of Hades 2, its release date is still unknown. However, Supergiant Games announced that the game would come to Early Access some time in 2023. Not much information was shared about which platforms it will be available on, but fans can check out the game’s Steam and Epic Games Store pages, confirming that it will at least come to PC. Anyone interested in the newest story surrounding Hades should keep their eyes out for further information!

- This article was updated on December 9th, 2022