Hades Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons in Hades, Ranked(September 2022)

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by Franklin Bellone Borges


In Hades, you can make use of a total of 6 different types of weapons, all of which will have their ”standard” form, or Aspect of Zagreus, as well as 3 variants, based on their future and previous wielders. With that said, although all weapons are capable of taking you to the surface, a few set themselves apart, thanks to their ability to courter bosses and deal heavy damage. But what are those weapons? Now, to answer that and more, here’s a Hades weapon Tier List sure to help you complete your run at the surface. 

  • It’s important to point out that, as one of Hades’ biggest strengths lies in the fact that all of its weapons can excel when played in optimal ways, the tier list was made taking into account their damage seeling, utility, overall cost (as we know that knowing which weapons you need to save for is key) and mechanics.

Hades Weapon Tier List Best | Weapons in Hades, Ranked

Overall, among the game’s many weapons, the Aspects of Hades, Guan Yu, Chiron, Arthur, Hestia, Rama, Beowulf, and Lucifer set themselves apart, thanks to their ability to deal massive damage, as well as their high utility and ability to excel in a wide variety of builds. With that said, here’s a tier list of all the weapons currently available in Hades, featuring a quick overview of each Aspect.

Hades Tier List: S-Tier

  • Aspect of Hades: Considered by many as the best Aspect for the Eternal Spear, the Aspect of Hades shines thanks to its Punishing Sweep, which is capable, with the right boons and Daedalus Hammer upgrades, of dealing massive damage in a massive AoE.
  • Aspect of Guan Yu: The first Hidden Aspect players will be able to unlock, the Aspect of Guan Yu allows you to heal every time you hit an enemy, all while also adding two powerful moves to Zagreus’ moveset. With that said, the weapon needs to be mastered to be effective, as Zagreus will also lose a large portion of his health after equipping it.
  • Aspect of Chiron: The Aspect of Chiron allows you to excel as a marksman thanks to its ability to deal massive damage in both single and multi-targets alike. The weapon truly shines when paired with the right boons and enhancements.
  • Aspect of Arthur: The Aspect of Arthur shines thanks to its enhanced moveset and its Hallowed Ground Special, which decreases the speed of projectiles and massively reduces the damage received by Zagreus. Upon equipping it, you will also receive a bonus of 50 Health.
  • Aspect of Hestia: The Aspect gives the weapon a new playstyle by making use of its damage buffs and Empowered Shot mechanic. The aspect truly shines when paired with CRIT-related boons, which will, in turn, allow it to deal massive damage at low intervals.
  • Aspect of Rama: The hidden Aspect of the Heart-Seeking Bow, the Aspect of Hama allows you to deal high amounts of damage thanks to its Volley Fire special attack and incredible passive, which allows you to deal damage to multiple targets even when only actively targeting one. Like many of the fast-hitting Aspects in the game, Rama shines when paired with either Artemis or Dionysius boons.
  • Aspect of Beowulf: A shield focused on empowering Zagreus’ charge and allowing him to perform a Dragon Rush, which deals massive damage in a large area, while also keeping you safe from damage.
  • Aspect of Lucifer: The hidden aspect of the Adamant Rail, the Aspect of Lucifer is focused on dealing massive damage through both its exclusive normal attack and it’s enhanced moveset. With that said, the weapon needs a really specific set of boons and the right enhancement to truly excel.


  • Aspect of Aquiles: The aspect of Zagreus’ loyal friend and mentor, the Aspect of Aquiles allows you to dash to retrieve your spear after throwing it, thus dealing double ounces of damage, all while also buffing your next attack. The Aspect excels in Special focused builds and can work well in both close-range and long-range scenarios.
  • Aspect of Zagreus (Stygian Blade): The first weapon you will be able to wield in the game. The Aspect of Zagreus of the Stygian Blade shines thanks to its ability to fit a wide array of builds, as well as its ability to fit both mid and close-range combat styles.
  • Aspect of Zagreus (Shield of Chaos): A pick frequently used by the game’s High Heat enthusiasts, as the shield allows you to block efficiently and consecutively while also dealing high amounts of damage with its buff. Its biggest downside, however, lies in the fact that the shield needs very specific boons to truly shine, making it a pretty niche choice for those willing to brave the underworld with it.
  • Aspect of Poseidon: The second variant of the Stygian Blade, the Aspect of Poseidon excels when used as part of casting-focused builds, thanks to its ability to increase Casting damage.
  • Aspect of Zeus: The third variant of the Shield of Chaos, allows Zagreus’ Special to become a Blitz Disc, which will deal AoE damage in a zone. The shield’s biggest strength lies in its ability to deal damage separately from Zagreus. The Aspect also excels when used against low-moving targets or bosses who need to place themselves during their attacks.
  • Aspect of Gilgamesh: One of the most highly damaging weapons in the game. The Aspect earns its spot thanks to its straightforward gameplay and ability to really shine when paired with a wide variety of different boons.
  • Aspect of Demeter: A weapon that allows you to literally beat your enemies to a pulp, the Aspect of Demeter increases the damage of your special after performing a select number of hits. With that said, the said restriction can also be its downfall.


  • Aspect of Zagreus (Twin Fists): The first weapon of its kind to become available. The Firsts shine thanks to their ability to, when refined, offer a total of +15% dodge chance.
  • Aspect of Chaos: A variant of the Shield of Chaos, allows Zagreus to throw multiple shields by using his special after performing a Bull Rush. With that said, the shield’s lack of overall buffs makes it a niche choice.
  • Aspect of Hera: The bow excels thanks to its ability to imbue shots with casting projectiles, making the weapon a great fit for both ATK-focused and Casting builds.
  • Aspect of Nemesis: The second variant of the Stygian Blade, capable of excelling in CRIT Related build thanks to its innate stat.
  • Aspect of Talos: A weapon capable of bringing a new playstyle to those who enjoy close combat in the game. With that said, although the Aspect is capable of dealing heavy damage, it does not compare to the one its more expensive counterparts can produce.
  • Aspect of Zagreus (Eternal Spear): A weapon that performs well in ranged combat, thanks to its buffs. With that said, the weapon is highly dependent on a certain Daedalus Hammer upgrade to truly excel.
  • Aspect of Eris: An highly damaging weapon that excels thanks to its highly damaging, although highly dependent, special.
  • Aspect of Zagreus (Heart-Seeking Bow): Although the bow is able to work extremely, its increase in Crit does not make up for the damage lost when compared to some of its counterparts, mainly the Aspects of Chiron and Rama.
  • Aspect of Zagreus (Adamant Rail): The standard version of the weapon, the Aspect of Zagreus is by no means a bad choice, but its ammo increase offers way less when compared to some of its counterparts, which rely on positioning and hit and run tactics.


You can currently play Hades on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2022

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