Halo Infinite: Where to Find Spartan Cores for Upgrades

Here's your guide to all 45 Spartan Cores.

by Noah Nelson


Halo Infinite is finally here and with it a whole bunch of Spartan Cores. There are a total of 45 Spartan Cores scattered throughout the beautiful openish-world campaign, so tracking them all down can definitely be a challenge. The Spartan Cores are useful because they are used to upgrade Master Cheif’s abilities, like the grappling hook and the shield.

With such a massive map filled with secret collectibles, be sure to check out our Halo Infinite guides for more information. We will be covering where to find the skulls and other things like co-op and forge release date. With that said, here is where to find all Halo Infinite Spartan Cores.


Halo Infinite Spartan Cores – Island 1 Recovery

In the southwest region of the map where you start out, there are 8 Spartan Cores. Be sure to use your map as all Spartan Cores are available on it.

  1. You will start your battle at the Tower. There will be two Spartan Cores there, one on the outside and one on the inside. Work your way to the grav lift. It is to the right past the caged UNSC soldiers.
  2. Right when you enter the Tower itself, you’ll find the SPartan Core on the ground floor. Clear out the enemies and grab your cache.
  3. This one is northeast of the Tower. On the map, it will be on a hexagon-shaped tile. Make your way to it and collect it.
  4. The next Spartan Core is south of the Tower and across the chasm. Your cue will be drop pods and an enemy encampment. At the center of the camp will be your Spartan Core.
  5. Travel directly south of FOB Foxtrot. Look for a crashed Pelican and within the wreckage, you’ll find the core.
  6. This one is found at Ransom Keep. You will want to enter the base through the main entrance and make your way to the back. Once at the back of the base, travel through a narrow rock path and up the ramp. You’ll find the cache up there posted up with other machine parts.
  7. Directly east of Ransom Keep is where the next cache can be found. Travel up the hill, fight off the enemy encampment, and snag the Spartan Core chilling on the edge cliff with a beautiful view.
  8. Travel south of the last cache towards the Carerra Squad rescue point. In the gorge below will be some weapons and the Spartan Core.


Halo Infinite Spartan Cores – Island 2 Excavation

The next set of Spartan Cores will be found on the northwest island unlocked after the Recovery mission. There are 14 cores here and 3 at Outpost Termonius. We’ll start with the three at Outpost Termonius and then get to the other 14.

  1. Technically, this is the first Spartan Core available to you. Right when you exit the elevator at the start of Mission 3: Outpost Termonius, you’ll see this cache. You can’t miss it.
  2. The next core isn’t too far. Exit the building and take a right. Follow along with the ship and look for a dead tree. There, you’ll find the Spartan Core.
  3. The last core is found at the exit point of the ship. Fight through the enemies and you’ll find behind a structure to the west of the encampment.
  4. Now, onto the Spartan Cores in the island at large. To the east of Outpost Termonius, you’ll see a hill marked with three Forefunner pillars. Once you’re at the hill, travel east along its face. You’ll find a cave entrance marked by green lights. Follow the cave trail down and you’ll find this Spartan Core.
  5. Travel up the steep mountain west of FOB Alpha towards the hexagon-shaped tiles on your map. Use your Grappleshot or a vehicle to easily ascend it. Clear out the Brutes and Banished and you’ll find the contested Spartan Core.
  6. This one is tricky and can be accessed in two ways. Located southeast of FOB Alpha, it is carefully protected by a heavily guarded fortress. You can find a secret hole on a cliffside that overlooks the encampment that will lead you directly to the Spartan Core, or you can go in guns blazing (hopefully with some Marines). If you take the latter approach, make your way through the camp and into the Banished building. Hop down the hole with cords running into it. Travel down the tunnel and to the grav lift and the Spartan Core will be there next to the door. Again, beware because this place is heavily guarded.
  7. The next Spartan Core is at the Armory of Reckoning. In the room before the grav lift, you’ll find the core in the corner of the room.
  8. There are two Spartan Cores at the Excavation Site. One is to the southwest and one is to the southeast. The one to the southwest is on a cliffside lined with trees within the camp.
  9. The one to the southeast is located within a bunker pressed up against the rockwall. You’ll know it by the Ghost inside.
  10. North of FOB Bravo, you’ll see a Forerunner structure. Upon arrival, you’ll be locked out by a red door. Follow the dirt road marked with red lights to the east. Once you reach a door, enter it, clear out the enemies, and you’ll be on the other side of the red door with the Spartan Core.
  11. Southeast of FOB Bravo is the Horn of Abolition point of interest. From the southern gate, within the collapsed structure you’ll find the Spartan Core.
  12. This core is in the Forge of Teash. Within the Chopper repair bay building and up the ramp you’ll find the cache.
  13. At Redoubt of Sundering, once you’ve cleared the encampment and are in the center, travel east and you’ll find the Spartan Core around a corner next to Banished boxes.
  14. Northeast of FOB Echo, you’ll find an area with several drop pods. The Spartan Core is hiding inside of them.
  15. Far away from FOB Echo in a northwest direction, you’ll find the Spartan Core. It is north of High-Value Target Ik ‘Novus and will be found within a building on the south side of the tower. You’ll know it by the dead Brute in the room.
  16. Once you’ve made it to the Spire, head west. Look for a downed Pelican to find the Spartan Core.
  17. At the southernmost part of the map, you’ll find this Spartan Core in a secret cave. You’ll definitely want a Banshee or a Wasp to find this. Fly down following the hexagon-shaped tiles until you see the secret cave. Enter it, clear out the enemies, and collect the cache at the back of it.


Halo Infinite Spartan Cores – Island 3 Pelican Down

There are a total of 5 Spartan Cores on this island. The island itself is also called Graveyards.

  1. At the east AA gun, you’ll see an illuminated tunnel with the first Spartan Core inside it.
  2. Once at the north AA gun, head north of the grav lift controls towards a Banished building. Inside, you’ll find the next core.
  3. Southwest of the north AA gun, along the mountaintop, you’ll find this core. Make sure to destroy the nearby Propaganda Tower to make sure it is revealed on your map. Also, use your Grappleshot to climb the mountain.
  4. Close to where you started the Pelican Down mission, you’ll find this Spartan Core if you climb onto the Pelican’s broken wing.
  5. Before riding the elevator up to the west AA gun, look to your left to find the last Spartan Core in this area.


Halo Infinite Spartan Cores – Island 4 Sequence

In the southeast section of the map is where these last 15 Spartan Cores are found. It will become available to explore after the Sequence mission.

  1. Directly north of FOB Lima will be more hexagon-shaped tiles. Climb them until you’ve spotted the first Spartan Core hidden in an outcropping.
  2. Northeast of FOB November, along the cliffside path and towards the hexagon-shaped tiles will be this core.
  3. Next, travel southeast of FOB November past the lake and up the hill. You’ll see an empty drop pod, a Warthog, and your Spartan Core.
  4. First, lower all the barriers at Riven Gate After taking the grav cannon across the gap and into the bunker that holds the final switch, snag the Spartan Core to the right by the tunnel exit.
  5. Go to the canyon at the start of the long line of strange structures. Here, you’ll find many Banished bodies and a Spartan Core.
  6. At the Northern Beacon, up the ramp on the main structure is this core.
  7. Southeast of the Northern Beacon will be even more hexagon-shaped tiles. Travel over to it and find the tunnel entrance. Within it is the next Spartan Core.
  8. This core is inside a mountain located directly east of the Northern Beacon. Once you are close, look for a wide hole in the ground marked by red light. Carefully descend and clear out the enemies. Then, grab the core.
  9. The next Spartan Core is close to the bridge connecting Island 3 and Island 4. Follow the northeast shoreline of Island 4 until you find ship debris. Inside the ship will be the cache.
  10. During your rescue of Fortune Squad, you can pick up this Spartan Core. At the base of the area is a tunnel that leads into a chamber. After clearing the enemies, the Spartan Core will be available on your left.
  11. At the Southwest BEacon, this Spartan Core can be found just outside in front of a large boulder.
  12. On Annex Ridge on the southern side near the grav cannon will be this core. It is within a little weapons boutique marked with red.
  13. West of FOB Juliet will be a cliff. You’ll find hexagon-shaped tiles and, if you head north, you’ll find an entrance on the mountainside and a blue door. The Spartan Core will be inside.
  14. Look for one of the highest mountains in the region. Closer to its base and on a hexagon-shaped tile will be this Spartan Core.
  15. At the Southeast Beacon, you’ll easily find the last Spartan Core on the ground behind the beacon itself.

And there you have it! You have just collected all the Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite. Congratulations, now get to finding the Mjolnir armor and skulls!

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