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Halo Reach – How to Get Season Points

Unlock cosmetics by leveling up

by Kyle Hanson


With its shift to PC and Xbox One, Halo Reach has taken on some of the more modern elements of the online multiplayer shooter genre. One of these is the concept of a Season, with the game’s unlockables hidden away behind this system. Thankfully it’s totally free, but the mechanics of it aren’t fully explained. We’re here to help though, so let’s break down how to get Season Points in Halo Reach for PC and Xbox One.

How to Get Season Points

Season Points in Halo Reach are actually pretty simple. Practically everything you do in the game will earn you points that level up your profile. You start as a recruit as displayed in the top right of the screen, and will move up from there. To earn more points and rank up you just need to play the game. Whether it’s the campaign, Firefight, or online multiplayer, every match or level will earn your Season Points.

There’s also challenges and missions to tackle, though they may be added in later via updates. Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn extra Season Points as Halo Reach makes its way out of this initial release window and becomes a more sustained experience for players. And as you level up be sure to unlock the armor and other items you’ve earned along the way. You’ll want to do this before any new seasons begin, though there may be ways of going back to get previously available items.

It might seem complicated, but it’s very simply. In short the answer to how to get Season Points in Halo Reach for PC and Xbox One is to just play the game. Play as often as you can and you’ll earn points, level up, and increase your rank until you’re dominating the charts.

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