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Halo Reach – How to Unlock Armor on PC and Xbox One

Unlock armor in Halo Reach

by Kyle Hanson


Remember the days of Halo where you spent all your time figuring out the myriad ways of unlocking all the cool armor? They aren’t really gone, but things are quite different today. Most of the time games lock this cosmetic stuff behind paywalls, but 343 Industries is keeping it simple. You won’t need to do a LASO run this time around, but many players are wondering how to unlock armor in Halo Reach PC and Xbox One.

How to Unlock Armor

Halo Reach features some of the coolest armor in the entire series, so fans on PC and Xbox One will surely want to get it unlocked and available as soon as possible. Thankfully it’s pretty easy, though it won’t be quick. All of the armor in Halo Reach is unlocked through standard gameplay. It’s a part of the Season, basically mirroring other games that utilize a paid Season Pass. In Halo Reach for PC and Xbox One though, no money is required.

Each level of the Season will unlock new cosmetic items to enjoy. There’s 100 tiers to unlock, with each delivering something for you to use. To unlock them you need to earn Season points, which are as simple as playing the game. Once you have them just head into the Options and Career section and select them to unlock. There’s no real way to increase the amount you earn, so your goal is simply to play as much Halo Reach as possible. Play through Firefight and multiplayer, play with friends, do whatever you can to earn more points and go up the tiers.

It’s nice in its simplicity, requiring nothing more than just playing as much of the game as you can. Of course, that means you’ll need to play a bunch, so get out there and get winning. Soon you’ll have a full set of new armor. And that’s how to unlock armor in Halo Reach PC and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on:December 4th, 2019

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