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Hitman 3 Buying Guide – Bonuses, Discounts and more

Death Awaits.

by Tarik Samardzic


Hitman 3 promises to take players on wild rides once more to pull off some incredible assassinations. Agent 47 is coming back. In his third and last adventure, the most famous bald man will visit locations such as Dubai, China, and England… We don’t expect almost any novelties in gameplay, but those with PlayStation VR will be able to experience what it’s like to be a Hitman in virtual reality, for the first time ever.

If you own a PS5, you will be able to feel the adaptive sensation that will make your play session really interesting and fun. The game makes use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers to create an “authentic sensation,” with automatic weapons having a simulated recoil and unique haptic feedback profiles for every other firearm in the game.

If you own Hitman 2 you will be able to play your levels in Hitman 3 by downloading an Access Pass that will instantly be downloadable on the Xbox and Playstation, but the PC users will have to wait a little bit longer for it to be implemented.

Hitman 3 Next-gen Upgrade Will be Free!

If you still cannot find the console you want in stock and you own a PS4 or an Xbox One you will get a free next-gen upgrade when you buy your new PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

There Are Bonuses if You Pre-Order

Pre-ordering any version of Hitman 3 will get you a free Trinity Pack, which is a collection of previous outfits, weapons, etc. The stuff you get is based on earlier Hitman games. People that psychically pre-order the game will get a commemorative passport celebrating 20 years of Hitman.


Hitman 3 Standard Edition Pre-Order | $60

The standard edition game comes with the Trinity Pack mentioned above and a free next-gen upgrade. Nothing special here but you at least will get some nice suits and weapons.

Digital Pre-Orders:

Physical Copies Pre-Orders:

Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition Pre-Order | $80

The deluxe edition is more pricey but it comes with some really nice extra content. This edition comes with the Trinity Pack and the next-gen upgrade as well and Playstation Plus users will be able to buy it at a discount price. With the Deluxe Edition, you will get

  • Deluxe Suits and items
  • Deluxe Escalation contracts
  • Digital “World of Hitman” book
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital commentary (mission introduction)

Physical editions will be available but there might be a lack of them. So it is best to buy them while you can. You can buy them from Limited Run Games. You can buy the digital editions in the links above. You can also see the official pre-launch guide here and you can see Hitman 3 featured in our Games Coming Out This Week here.


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