Honkai Star Rail Curio Hacker: Organic Heart and Mysterious Magnetism Explained

This Simulated Universe Occurrence presents you with an important choice.

by Diego Perez
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Simulated Universe is filled with surprises in Honkai Star Rail. In the standard mode and expansion modules alike, Trailblazers can encounter Occurrences that present them with important choices during runs.

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One such Occurrence is the Curio Hacker, which can show up in the Gold and Gears module of the Simulated Universe added in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6. It’s a permanent addition, though, so it’ll be available forever alongside the Swarm Disaster and other expansions. So, what’s the best course of action when encountering the Curio Hacker in Honkai Star Rail?

What is the Curio Hacker in Honkai Star Rail?

Curio Hacker is an Occurrence in Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe. It only appears in the Gold and Gears module so you can’t find it in standard worlds or the Swarm Distaster module, but you can still earn Stellar Jades by adding it to your Index after your first encounter.

Attempting to recreate Herta’s Curios, the Curio Hacker presents you with a choice. You can have either the Organic Heart or the Mysterious Magnetism, but you can’t have both. You can also walk away with neither if you’re not willing to take the risk. Both Curios are free, but they come with downsides.

What Do the Organic Heart and Mysterious Magnetism Do?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best Curio for you between the two depends on your preferences and how your current Simulated Universe run is going. If you’re already struggling, then it’s best to just ignore the offer and continue on. If you’re up for a challenge, though, then both Curios offer bonus rewards at a price.

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The Organic Heart Curio prevents the golden Dice Face from appearing when rolling the dice. Once the dice have been rolled four times, the Curio will be destroyed and grant you two cheat attempts. The Mysterious Magnetism, on the other hand, immediately transforms the next Combat Domain into an Elite Domain. After entering two Combat or Elite Domains, the Curio is destroyed and grants you 200 Cosmic Fragments.

Should You Choose Organic Heart or Mysterious Magnetism?

Basically, the Organic Heart Curio removes some of the excitement from the dice mechanic in Gold and Gears, but after a few rolls, you’ll get some bonus cheat attempts. The Mysterious Magnetism Curio makes your next two combat encounters much harder, but you’ll get some bonus Cosmic Fragments if you succeed.

Unless you’re really struggling with your ongoing Simulated Universe run, you should absolutely take one of these Curios. Cheat attempts are very valuable in Gold and Gears, so the Organic Heart Curio is a huge help as long as you won’t miss the golden Dice Face. If you’d rather leave the dice alone, then the Mysterious Magnetism is an easy pick since Elite Domains aren’t super hard if you have a decent team with good Blessings.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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