Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapon Locations: Where to Find the Best Weapons in the Game

These are the best weapons the Forbidden West has to offer.

by Diego Perez


There are countless weapons that can be obtained in Horizon Forbidden West, but legendary weapons are the best of the best. These weapons boast the best stats and skills in the game, making them a must-have for anyone that wants to take down the biggest and baddest machines in the Forbidden West. Because of their powerful stats, these weapons cannot be obtained from normal shops and must instead be acquired through other means. Here’s how to get legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Every Legendary Weapon in Horizon Forbidden West

There are 9 legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West. They encompass every type of weapon in the game, so fitting them into your arsenal shouldn’t be a problem. They’re all acquired by completing long questlines or side activities, so you’ll have to put in some work to obtain them. Here’s how to get all 9 legendary weapons.

  • Death-Seeker’s Shadow (Hunter Bow)
  • The Sun Scourge (Hunter Bow)
  • Carja’s Bane (Warrior Bow)
  • Wings of the Ten (Blastsling)
  • Forgefall (Sharpshot Bow)
  • Tinker’s Pride (Tripcaster)
  • The Skykiller (Spike Thrower)
  • The Blast Forge (Boltblaster)
  • Ancestor’s Return (Shredder Gauntlet)

How to Obtain All Legendary Weapons

Blast Forge, Death Seeker’s Shadow, and Forgefall can all be purchased with medals at The Maw of the Arena, which is located southwest of Scalding Spear. Medals are earned by completing Hunting Grounds found across the map, but you can only spend medals in The Maw of the Arena.

While you’re farming for medals, you can start working to unlock the Tinker’s Pride Tripcaster. To get it, you must complete all Hunting Ground Trials with full stripes, meaning you have to get the maximum possible score on each one. It won’t be easy, but you’ll rack up a ton of medals and be able to afford all of the legendary weapons at The Maw of the Arena.

The Sun Scourge Warrior Bow can be obtained by completing every Rebel Camp in the game. After finishing all of the Rebel Camps marked on the map, you will unlock a new side quest to take on a final Rebel Camp. After completing this side quest, you’ll unlock the Sun Scourge.

As for Carja’s Bane, you’ll have to complete all four Gauntlet Runs in the game. These are basically just races, and you can find dedicated tracks throughout the Forbidden West. After finishing the last of them, you’ll be rewarded with a chest containing the Carja’s Bane Warrior Bow.

To get Wings of the Ten, you need to find and collect all 12 Black Box voice recorders in the game. Before you can start the collection process, you have to speak to a quest-giver in Memorial Grove. Then, you can find Black Boxes throughout the Forbidden West and return them all to obtain the Wings of the Ten Blastsling.

The Skykiller Spike Thrower is a reward for completing a side quest called The Way Home, which can be started in Legacy’s Landfall in the westernmost region of the map. You won’t be able to finish this quest until later in the game after completing the Gemini Cauldron in the main story, so you may need to save the quest until later once you start it.

Finally, the Ancestor’s Return Shredder Gauntlet is unlocked by completing all 9 Relic Ruins in the game. You can find 8 of them out in the open world, but the 9th one can only be found by completing the Errand called Nights of Lights found in the Stillssands.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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