How and When to Get a New Hosting Stand in PlateUp

Check out how to get the Hosting Stand in PlateUp!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: It’s happening

In PlateUP!, players are tasked with starting up and then slowly growing their own restaurant into a megahit in a roguelike fashion, as they must select their dishes and manage their resources daily. But when should you get the Hosting Stand in the game? Now, here’s how to get the new Hosting Stand in PlateUp as well as when is the best time to do so.

How and When to Get a New Hosting Stand in PlateUp

Now that the game’s new Valentine’s Day update is live, you will be able to get the only available type of Hosting Stand in PlateUp! by getting its blueprint and then purchasing it in exchange for 60 Coins at the shop.

With that said, we do not recommend that those playing in solo mode get a Hosting Stand, as doing so will only add one more task to your plate. Once the stand is in place, you will need to manually guide your customers to their tables.

For those playing with more than two friends, however, we recommend that you get the stand as soon as possible, as doing so will allow you to better organize your customers and their seats while also avoiding overcrowding.

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How To Play PlateUp Online With Friends

You can play PlateUP with up to three friends either online or through couch co-op by first selecting the Multiplayer option at the main menu. Once you do that, you will then need to customize your lobby by making it either open to all who wish to join or only available through invites.

Once that’s done, all you will need to do to play with your friends is start the game and either have your companions join the session by themselves/after receiving the invite (online co-op) or have them press the needed buttons in order to dive right in (couch co-op).

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023